Monday, January 7, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you THE LIST

1. Describe your personality; include what you view as your strengths and weaknesses.
2. What significant events or experiences have shaped your personality?
3. Describe a personal achievement which gave you satisfaction.
4. List some personal goals for yourself and your family.
Childhood and Family of Origin
1. Describe the family you grew up in, including relationships among family members.
2. What were the positive and negative qualities of your family?
3. Describe the values, traditions, and expectations you feel your parents attempted to instill in you?
4. Describe you parent's relationship to each other both when you were young and today.
5. What kind of child were you? How did you spend your time? Who were your friends? What are your most pleasant childhood memories and the most unhappy memories?
6. What methods of discipline did your parents use?
7. Describe you educational experience.
1. How did you meet your spouse? What attracted you to him/her? How are you alike? How are you different?
2. What strengths do you bring to the marriage? What strengths does your partner bring to the marriage?
3. How has your relationship changed since the "honeymoon"? What do you admire most about your spouse now?
4. What are your common interests and activities?
5. What are your main areas for disagreement? Do you and your spouse agree on spending and saving?
6. How do you settle differences of opinion or disagreements with each other?
7. How have you divided family responsibilities such as wage earning, household jobs and childcare?
8. What are your relationships with each other's families?
9. What role does your physical relationship play in your marriage?
Previous Marriage/Significant Relationship
1. Please describe the circumstances of any previous marriage or significant relationship.
2. What did you learn from this experience?
3. How do you feel this experience has affected your current marriage?
4. Were there any children as a result of this previous marriage? If so, what is your relationship with them now?
Work History
1. Please list all previously held jobs indicating years spent at each job (include dates).
1. If you have children already please describe their personalities and interests.
2. How do you think a child (or another child) will impact your life?
3. What strengths and experiences do you have that will help you be a good parent?
4. What will be your methods of discipline? What do you feel are important characteristics of good discipline?
5. What qualities, values, and character would you like to develop in your children and how do you plan on promoting these?
1. When did you first start thinking about adoption and why?
2. Do you and your spouse feel the same way about adopting? Who initiated action?
3. How do you extended family and friends feel about adoption?
4. What is your view of birthparents?

Each of the parents is to complete their own self study. Emphasis should be on your feelings and reactions to people and events, not just the events themselves.

So, there you have it. We've finished ours, and it's nice to be done with it. As you can see, each question is very personal and required quite a bit of thought.

Well, I've got to cut this short because I've got a ton to do today. We were sick this weekend, and so clutter has built up. I also start teaching this afternoon, so if you think of it, shoot up a prayer for me!

Have a wonderful day!