Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No More Snow

EDIT: I've added a link to a blog I was forwarded called "confessions of a CF husband". Please PLEASE read it. This family is in need of prayer right now, and their story is amazing. If you have time, please follow the link and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The snow is gone. It's a sad day. We were hoping that it would snow again last night and we could have another snow day. Oh well, we're happy with the fact that we got one.

Tate slept in really late this morning, and I'm thrilled because I got to, too. I'm coming down with a cold and really needed some good sleep time. Hopefully the cold will end quickly, and Tate and Mark won't end up with it.

Mark and I have a competition going on. It's actually more of a bet, really. We're both trying to get in five good workouts this week. If we both do, then nothing really happens, we'll probably do a double or nothing thing. If only one of us does, then the winner gets to choose the next two movies we rent (usually we trade off). So far we're equal at one and one. He's got an advantage of working out at the gym where he can do anything, and I just have the treadmill, but it's ok. I'm going to get my five in, and he can worry about himself. I'm going to pick really girly movies, too because the last movie he rented was "Shoot 'em Up" and it was HORRIBLE. It was the perfect guy movie, and I hated it. I actually stopped watching after 15 minutes or so, which is something that I never do. I'm sort of Obsessive-Compulsive in that I have to finish movies, but I didn't care about this one.

Our homestudy interviews are the 5th of February (only a week from today!) at noon, and then the 14th of February we have our in home interview. We do our training day on the 16th, and then we're essentially done with 'things' and move to the waiting stage. It's getting exciting, folks!

Well, I'm off to play with Tate. He's done with breakfast and wants to read and drive his truck. He is such a boy...he makes engine sounds now when he plays with cars, it's pretty cute. OH!! Mark taught him yesterday that monkeys say "Ooh Ohh Ahh Ahh" and he's been saying that all morning, too. What a little charmer!

Have a great one!


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Kara said...

We get all excited when they start walking and talking - and then spend the next 17 years telling them to slow down and be quiet!

Give the Tater Tot a huge hug from Auntie Kara, and tell him that Llamas say "hmmmm"