Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The One Thing

I just finished an incredible book by Johanna Weaver called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Every chapter cut to the core and was very, VERY convicting for me. Even if you aren't "type A" as I tend to be, I highly recommend this book. I think every woman should read it and take the message to heart. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because she talks about not getting overwhelmed with everything, but just continually praying, asking God for the "one thing" that you are supposed to be doing right now. That prayer has really been transforming how I spend my days. I have been more apt to say, "OK, Tate, you want to read a story now? Let's do it!" Instead of telling him he needs to wait until I finish wiping off the counter, finish typing this email, or whatever I was deeming more important at the moment. While I do need to finish those things, I found myself putting him off while I was conquering the house or my to-do list. I don't always feel like I need to drop everything for him-he does need to learn to be patient sometimes, but focusing on what one thing God wants me to do right now is giving me freedom to really embrace whatever it is that I am doing. It's refreshing.

So, enough with the insight.

My morning started a lot earlier than it normally does. Tate decided at 5:30 (yes, a.m.) that it was time to RISE AND SHINE. Yes, folks, that's how he does it...go big or go home. He was laughing and talking in his bed, and when Mark went in to put him back down, he stood up and said in his sweet, but loud voice, "Dada, HIIII!" I was surprised because this kid is a very slow waker upper (kind of like his dad) and usually we don't hear from him until 8:00 or so. I confess, I kind of like it that way. I could lie and say it's because I can get up and get stuff done (which I am trying to do, my goal is to be up by 7:00 every weekday morning. I've made it this week), but in the past, I just plain enjoy sleeping in until 8:00. The good thing is that he is already down for a nap, so I was able to do my devotion and work on cleaning a bit. I have one more load of laundry to fold and then we're laundry free until Thursday. I try to only do laundry on Monday and Thursday so I don't continually feel the need to do a load if the hamper gets full. I do diapers more often, but that's not so bad.

Mark and I have been praying a lot for our birthmom lately. We just both really felt strongly that it's time to amp up our prayers in that department. We've spent so much time praying for the baby, and really, it's the birthmom whose life is going to forever be changed. We know that our child will be raised in a loving Christian home and be introduced to Christ, but we don't know about the birthmom. We've been hoping and praying that if she doesn't know Christ that we can plant the seeds for her salvation, and if she does, that we can help strengthen her walk with the Lord. I cannot imagine what she must be going through right now. I am assuming that she is already pregnant or will be soon, and I remember so vividly how difficult pregnancy was, and I had incredible support with my family, friends, and of course, Mark (even though he was gone for about 1/2 of it). If you could please remember her in your prayers we would appreciate it. She has got to be going through the most difficult season in her life, and covering her in prayer is the best thing we can do for her. Mark and I have committed to be fasting after we have our final homestudy meeting until our child (Sam-more on why we chose that pregnancy name later) is born. I am going to fast Monday and Tuesday breakfast and dinner, and all day Wednesday. Mark is going to fast Wednesday dinner, and Thursday and Friday breakfast and lunch, and we will both do all day Saturday, and both eat on Sundays. We really want to be focused on the Lord during our waiting time. We did feel, however, that our dinners together are a time when we talk and share, and so we are going to continue them except for Wednesday and Saturday. On those days we will pray together for our family, the adoption, Sam, and the birthparents and birthfamilies. I hope you don't see this as a brag or a cry for attention. I am trying to be as open as possible about the process and how we are seeking God in it-not so much for anyone else, but more for us and Sam as s/he gets older. I plan on printing off the blog stuff and putting it in the baby book so Sam knows how much love and prayer surrounded his/her joining our family.

As far as the name Sam goes, Tate's pregnancy name was know, it's could never tell if it was a man or woman. We thought we'd continue in the tradition of gender neutral names and chose Sam because it can be used either way. Nothing earth shattering, but we think it's kinda fun.

Well, since Tate's sleeping I really should go and get some stuff done. I know when he wakes up he's going to want to read Buzz and Woody again (I am SO tired of that book, but he loves it). Since he won't always be this young and love to read on my lap, I will indulge him (and myself, I love that he wants to spend time with me!)

Love always,