Friday, February 29, 2008

It is Finished

Our scrapbook, that is. I'll take pics of the pages and post them as soon as I get the "OK" from our social worker and my family! There are a couple of things I need to run by Bethany before we make the 6 copies necessary. I have decided we're going to keep the original for Sam for when s/he gets older.

I've really REALLY been wanting a baby lately. I hope that the wait isn't too long. I've also been pining for a girl, but I would really be happy with either. We're working on names...Tate was such an easy one for us because we stumbled across it when we were dating and both instantly liked it. We've always had a harder time with girls names, and a subsequent boys name is a bit difficult. We've narrowed it down to a couple, so I think we'll manage.

Today was Tate's half birthday. We had fun playing catch, fetch, and "Tate Bowling" (basically, I roll our big exercise ball at him and when it hits him he laughs hysterically, almost falls down due to laughter, then rolls it back). I tried to read him the big brother book again, but he loses interest about half way through. We did look at a picture of a baby last night and told him that we're going to have a baby someday. I know he doesn't understand much, but he does need to be exposed to the idea.

Ok, I'm off to bed. Goodnight, sleep tight!