Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good News!

No, we don't have a baby yet:) I'm going to have to be careful about saying things like "guess what" too often because then it will be a let down when we have good news, but not Sam news. Anyway...

So, Mark put up a leave chit (for those of you non military types, basically it's a vacation/day off request form). He left it open because we don't know when Sam will be born, etc, but as long as we have one in, it's easy for him to call in when we know. If he didn't, then he would have to run into work and go through the entire process, so it's best he does it now. So, the Navy does grant paternity leave if they have enough people to cover, but you do have to take it out of your time off (everyone in the military gets 2.5 leave days per month regardless of rank. These are your sick days, vacation, etc). So when Tate was born Mark took about 3 weeks off, and it was great. We have enough leave for him to take time off, but since he's getting out soon, we didn't have that much time saved up because we'd rather save it for the end. BUT, he put his chit up, and the Command Master Chief returned his chit to him and said "Sir, there is a directive that allows you to take up to 21 days of leave for the adoption of a child WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT!!!!" How amazing is that?! So, basically when Sam is born we'll have 21 days of leave without having it deducted from our leave balance. I'm pretty excited. Mark's command is very pro adoption, the XO has adopted two girls from China, and the head Civilian on the base has a couple of adopted children, too, so they are all anxiously waiting for any news with us, and have been very supportive of us in the process. God is good in surrounding us with encouraging people.

We turned in our letters and books today, so we officially just wait now. Becky said she'd call to check in once a month or so to let us know how things are going. It's hard to believe we've been waiting for so long to do this, and now we are doing it. So exciting. I'm beside myself sometimes. I really hope the wait isn't too long, but on the same hand, at least I know that the baby will be in God's timing.

Well, I'm still fighting this awful cold, so I'm going to get some more tea and take a hot shower. I hope you're doing well!