Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here we go Again!

We're sick. Again. Or we just didn't quite recover the first time. Tate's got a fever and isn't eating, and Mark and I have sinus stuff going on again. Bummer!

Mariners opening day is tomorrow! We are really excited! I hope Tate is feeling well enough to be able to go with us. We are also going on Tuesday because our boy, Felix Hernandez is pitching. We don't want to miss his opening debut.

We should know more about that job I told you a bit about tomorrow. When we know more, I'll share. Don't worry, I didn't forget.

On a really exciting change of subject, check out Woman's World magazine this month. My good friend Deb is in it on page 19!! She looks so great! She's really an inspiration for those of us trying to lose weight.

Ok, I'm going to go get some laundry done. I hope your weekend is going well.



uncpdeb said...

you are so sweet and supportive. Thank you! I feel strange about it but it's nice to be validated. :-) now if I can just keep the weight off....*argh

uncpdeb said...

oh, right after I read this, Ethan got a really good fever and a nasty ear infection...more antibiotics and tylenol again! ugh...sickness on the little ones is terrible.
hope yall are better SOON