Friday, March 21, 2008


So, this is kind of a funny story, but as I type this I am stuck on the couch with my foot elevated, icing it off and on every 20 minutes.

Well, I was in the shower washing my face. Instead of putting the Noxzema back on the shelf where it goes, I put in on the soap ledge next to me...about 4 feet up, a little below shoulder level. Well, as I turned around to rinse my face, the Noxzema fell on my big toe, and it hurt like CRAZY!!! I almost barfed in the tub, and was able to hobble out before it swelled up and turned purple. I called Mark in tears because it hurt so bad, and he was concerned, but he couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

So, here I sit, in pain. My poor toe is on the mend, but it is still swollen and purple. The moral of my pathetic story is to put things back where they belong after you use them!


PS Tate is now able to imitate a gorilla. He beats his chest and says "OOH OOH AHH AHH" in a loud deep voice. It's stinking adorable!


Kara said...

Your poor toe! Ouch. Many hugs for quick mending.

I want video of Tate the Gorilla.