Sunday, April 27, 2008

1 1/2 is SUCH a great age...

...but so frustrating sometimes. Tate isn't very vocal yet (with words, he screams just fine), but he knows what he wants and tantrums when he can't express it. He's finally saying please, though, so I guess that's a bright spot.

He also hates any foreign object that is gooey or sticky on his hands or feet, so if something is there (oatmeal, booger, mud, etc) he comes up to me going "no no no no" and wants me to wipe it off. I'm teaching him how to wipe it off on his own shirt. Aren't I a great mom? He doesn't mind it if he's playing with it, but he hates it when he's done and wants the goo gone immediately. It's pretty funny.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed it. I had started some pumpkins, sunflowers and peas in a little makeshift greenhouse thing in the house, and I got to transplant them all outside yesterday! I hope that we'll have a bunch of peas, because I LOVE them. Tate is even eating them now, a far cry from the pic here. He only likes them if they're frozen or if we are eating them, too. Hopefully my plants survive outdoors. If they do, we'll have pumpkins and peas coming out our ears. At least we'll be able to share! I planted the giant pumpkins, and this will be the first year that we've carved them, and I'm sure Tate will have a blast!
In adoption news, Mark and I are praying for a baby in early May. It's possible that I've already shared this, but I'm not going to look. May is a great time for us with our vacation plans, and with the majority of our family being teachers, everyone would be able to come up for a finalization party. It also works with our leave schedule (which we've had to fight for), and we just feel like it would be a great time. We are, of course, always wanting God's will, so while we are asking for a baby in May, we continually submit ourselves to his will, because his timing is perfect. I'm working on a comparison between adopting and pregnancy, and when the adoption is finalized I will probably post it...we'll see. Adoption is very different from pregnancy, and contrary to what some believe (me included at first), it's not the "easy" way, that's for sure!
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. We've got to evaluate if we're heading to church today. Tate's got green snot rockets every time he sneezes, and I don't think many people would want us to share that so we may be streaming a sermon from Believers. At least we can pretend we're back there for 40 minutes or so. We really do miss the gang from there. Ok, before I get sentimental due to lack of sleep (Tate was up before 6, or something like that), I'm going to go. Have a wonderful day.