Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crisis Management

I was at my dear friend Gayle's house on Saturday night, and she was putting her son, Spencer to bed. Spencer is 2 weeks older than Tate, and they get along alright. Spencer is a bit of a bully these days, so we're working through that. Now that Tate says "NO" we're trying to channel that toward Spencer. Anyway, Spencer wasn't going to sleep and was just standing in his crib saying "mama, maaaaaamaaaaaa," and it was so cute. It got me to thinking. Tate doesn't stand in his crib and say "mama". Tate gets in his crib, and if he wants my attention he repeatedly says "UH OH" in a really loud voice. Does that mean my son thinks I only respond to, or respond best to crisis? Is my life completely run by the dramatic? I'm not sure...I guess it could be. He seems to be turning out just fine, though, so I'm not worried!

Well, I need to go finish cleaning the kitchen. We just took a break and Tate looked at his whole baby book. Every picture of him he said "baby". It's pretty cute. I am teaching him that we give babies kisses. I think he's going to do great with a brother or sister...on Sunday when I picked him up from the nursery he was pushing a doll around in a stroller. So cute!

Ok, off to clean. Have a wonderful day!