Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Happenings

I'm sitting here listening to Mark read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" to Tate. I'm so proud of Tate...he's learning so much. He can distinguish between the pig, moose and mouse in each of the three books, and he knows where most things are on the page, even if he can't say them. I'm just blown away by his little sponge mind. He's pretty intense when we read, he likes make sure he knows what everything is on each page before he turns to the next one.

I've been kind of discouraged about the adoption the last couple of days. It's so silly, we've only been waiting a month, but I want a baby so badly. It's hard to not be able to DO anything, but just sit and wait. I know that waiting is what we're supposed to be doing, and that we are right where God wants us, but it's hard sometimes. Also, things aren't coming together on the job front for Mark the way we'd like them to, so that's kind of difficult. There was a quote today in my Visioneering book that said basically, that God's visions for our lives are to bring glory to him. We can't bring glory to him while we're preoccupied with ourselves, so we need to seek him in order to be ready for the blessings. It's hard to give God the glory when everything is going well, the need to seek him isn't the same. So, I'm trying to grow and seek now, so that I have the faith and maturity to remember to give God glory for his work after Sam is here.

Well, the M's are playing so I'm going to go turn on the radio and listen. I hope you have a good night!