Monday, April 7, 2008

Opening Day Pics

We love Opening Day for the Mariners. It's a sign that Spring is here, and Summer is right around the corner. These are a couple of the pics from this year's opening day. The first is our annual pic in front of Safeco, the second is Mark explaining baseball to Tate (every time the pitcher threw the ball Tate would point and say "ball!"). It was way cute. The third is the M's catch phrase this year, and, I must say, it's a good one. Definitely a throwback from "Sodo Mojo" a couple of years ago (Sodo is short for "south of the dome", which is where Safeco was built), but I think it fits...way better than "you gotta love these guys" from a few years ago.

My boys are both wearing the hats I made them, and they look so cute. So, there you have it. Opening Day, 2008.

I hope your weekend was enjoyable. I was just praising God for the good news about Tricia (! Keep them in your prayers!

Have a wonderful day!