Thursday, April 3, 2008

Out like a Lamb?

I'm not so sure about that. On Monday, Mariners OPENING DAY, it was snowing, hailing and raining. Out like a lamb my butt.

We had a great time on Monday and Tuesday! All three of us went to Opening Day, and then Mark and I had a date day on Tuesday, aka Happy Felix Day (Felix Hernandez is the #2 pitcher for the M's and we both LOVE him. He's super fun to watch.) We had a great time hanging out in Redmond, then went to Pike Place and had some fish. It was a beautiful day and we so needed to have some time together.

Last week our adoption book was checked out for the first time, and we made it to the final round, but the birthmom chose someone else. We are ok with that. We feel peace that she chose the right family. It was agonizing waiting to hear if it was us or not because the baby is already born and in the hospital, so that was really hard. We definitely don't want to know if it's checked out in the future. It's too difficult to be on the roller coaster every time. We only want to know if we're in the last two being considered, or if we were chosen. We'll see if that's how it works.

Well, I need to go get Tate some food. I hope you're week is going well...I can't believe it's Thursday already!

Love you all,


Nate, Heather and da Boyz said...

the weather is yucky here today, too. it's been fairly warm and now it's cold and rainy. bluh.
i'm glad to hear you guys had fun at the games!

Kara said...

Weather's woolly down here in Texas, too. Thunder bumper woke us all up in the wee small hours.

Go M's!

We love you!