Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ugh! I say Ugh!

Happy Saturday! We've had a very busy week, but it's over and hopefully we can rejuvenate this weekend. I had my last week of Spanish classes this week, so there was a presentation for parents, two parties and a graduation. It was exhausting, but so rewarding. One of my little boys told his mom that he loves Spanish and can't wait for next year. It was nice to hear that...sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with 10 first graders.

Mark had a busy week, too. His office counterpart, Gregg is getting shipped to Djibouti, Africa in June, and Gregg's wife is having a baby this week, so life's been busy. Mark was at work until 9:00pm twice this week, and home after 6:00 most other nights. This may not be much for everyone else, but this is shore duty, and he's supposed to be home at a reasonable time every night. Also, when Mark showed up for TTF (his current command) there were 5 people in his office, and now there are 2. There was talk about not replacing Gregg while he's gone, but Mark met with his boss this week to explain that we are waiting for a baby, and it could happen anytime. If there isn't someone there to take his place after the baby is here, then they will have to shut down the office. It's really frustrating that there isn't at least one other person in there's not like it's a shock when someone leaves. It is the Navy, after all, and we have several years notice when we're getting out. You can't just give 2 weeks notice here. So, basically, their poor planning is really REALLY frustrating for us, but they should be getting someone else in the office soon. It was kind of funny, Mark's boss said at the meeting "well, we've asked and no one's volunteered, so..." and Mark's response was something like "yeah, I understand that, but I didn't volunteer to go to Iraq and be away from my family for 7 months, so if we could just pick someone, that'd be great."

In adoption news, there isn't really anything huge, but I definitely see God working. At my last class I was introduced to a woman who works at the school who started Kitsap Adoption Group, a support group for families in this area. Turns out there are a bunch of people who have adopted here, and the group is really active! I am excited to get involved, because I want and need the support of other people. This woman also is a long time member of the church we've been trying out, so I really believe that is God saying to us that he is in control, and this is all in his timing. I've needed that reminder this week. While it's nice to be waiting, it's also hard to feel like I can't do anything to hurry this time along. However, I was reading the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley, and it talks about how waiting is essential in God's plan for us. It was really encouraging to read, because of the difficulties of waiting.

In other non important, but fun info, I went to Value Village and got a couple books for Tate and Sam (.70 each!!) called "I'm a Big Brother", "Moses" (in Spanish), and "Adoption is for Always". I read the Big Brother book to Tate tonight and he pointed to the baby on every page, said "Bebe" and kissed it every time. It was so cute, he's going to be a great big brother. I know there will be issues, but I'm so happy that he's learning to be gentle with babies.

Well, I've got to go. The M's are on, and we're losing now, but b-RAD Wilkerson (who eats steak before every game) just got on base, so things may start to get interesting!

Love always,