Friday, April 4, 2008

uh oh

Tate now says "no" and points his finger at the person he's saying no to.

I am guessing he got that from me...seeing that he was playing with the door to the wine cabinet yesterday while I was brushing my teeth, and I came out of the bathroom and pointed my toothbrush at him and said "Tate, no playing with the door. You know that." His response was to point his own finger at me and say "no" repeatedly. It's really cute the first time, but he's getting in trouble for it because he's not allowed to tell us no. We have managed to hold our laughs in until he's in time out (and out of ears reach), so that's good I guess.

Tate's buddy is coming over to play today, and sometimes he pulls Tate's hair, so we'll see if Tate busts out his finger wagging no. I hope he does. He needs to learn some type of self preservation.

I was going to pull the camera out of the truck and post some new pics of us at the M's games, but I forgot, and now Mark has the truck. I'll do it later. Here's one of Tate and Cameron bathing together a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy!


Kara said...

Ooooh! Teenage Black Mail material!

Love it!