Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some News...Kind of!

Hey friends!
We don't have any news, but another birth mom is going to be looking at our profile either tomorrow or early next week. The baby is due in July. We won't know anything right away, but if you could just be praying. I don't feel like this is "it" in my gut, but I could be wrong. I am still feeling that one of the babies due this fall is going to be it. However, God has Sam picked out, and whenever we find out who "Sam" is, we'll be thrilled. It's just nice to hear that things are moving and people are having their families increased. I can honestly say that when we find out someone else has been picked, I have only joy in my heart. I know that God is orchestrating this whole thing, so how can I be upset? I do have days of disappointment that the waiting is taking forever (can you believe I said that? It's only been a couple of months!), but I try to keep reminding myself that the wait is worth it, and when we have Sam in our arms, we won't even remember it. Here are a few quotes from the book Visoneering that have been sustaining me (along with the good book, of course).

"While we wait and wait and wait, and trust and trust and trust, God basks in the glory reflected back to him by his faithful servants."-pg. 65.

"Before God can entrust you with the rewards that accompany success, you must be dependent. He brings you to that place by stretching and even straining your faith. But as the capacity of your faith increases, so too your potential to pass along to him the glory he deserves. So be encouraged." -pg. 69.

I hope those quotes are as profound to you as they were to me.

Have a wonderful night!