Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday's Ramblings

-I really love Crystal Light to go. I am so tired of drinking water, and this is the perfect solution. I fill up my water bottle and I'm good for a few hours. Not only am I enjoying the taste, but I'm drinking more and eating less, therefore, losing weight.

-I lost 1.5 pounds this week. I still have 9 to go until I feel really good about myself, but that's the biggest drop I've had in a while.

-I love my crock pot. Every time I use it I say that, and promise to use it more. I never do. But, maybe this time it'll be different.

-I am really happy with myself for swimming this week. It's been hard getting up early to work out, but the time by myself has made me a better wife and mother. I think. I'll have to double check with my sources and get back to you on that.

-I really, really, really want another baby.

-However, I am very content in my relationship with God right now, and if he continues to ask me to wait, that's ok.

-I miss my brother. He's going to be home in a few weeks and I can't wait to see him.

-I'm nervous for the Farmer's Market this week. Again. I'm afraid no one will like my stuff. It's silly, because they did last week, but I'm still insecure.

-Finances scare me silly sometimes. It's way more fun being irresponsible.

-I can't wait for my sewing lessons after our vacation. It's another hobby that I probably don't need, but it's also a very nice skill to have.

-I miss teaching Spanish and I want to be practicing it more. I'm afraid to lose it.

-I have a love/hate relationship with my dogs. Because they are shedding so badly, right now it's mostly hate. I vacuum every day to no avail. I hope they're done soon.

-My kid is so cute when he gives Eskimo kisses. I love it every time.