Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Official!

We're having a baby! We were officially chosen yesterday! I am so excited. It was such a great day anyway, and that made it even better. So, here's the skinny:

-Sam's a GIRL!!!!
-Due the 26th of July!
-She's not really going to be named Sam.

I'm not going to write the birthmom's name down here yet because I don't have permission. I will tell you this, though, she is an incredible woman. She is making an incredibly mature decision, and I have a lot of compassion and respect for her. She is also beautiful...I'm sure it could be the pregnancy glow, but I think it's more than that.

Here's a God incidence for you regarding this adoption. I specifically remember the conversation with Mark about our domestic adoption. I was in Guatemala with Tate, and Mark was in Iraq. I was hitting dead end after dead end, and getting so discouraged. Mark said that we really need to consider domestic adoption. I told him that there were tons of people waiting, and it would take a miracle to change my heart because I didn't want to do it, and had been set against it for years (basically a lot of untrue preconceived notions about domestic adoption). I prayed about it all night and woke up with that change of heart. When I told Mark that afternoon, he said, and I quote "We really need to start praying for our birthmom. She's going to be going through a lot of stuff, and she needs to be totally covered in prayer." If you count back from Sam's due date nine months, we started praying for her regularly right around the time she got pregnant. God is soooooo amazing!

We meet again on the 25th of June, so I'll let you know how that all goes. Thanks for all your prayers and support.


PS We are home, and it's so amazing to sleep in our own bed again!


Alibear said...

Jenni, Mark, and Tate - Congratulations! What a wonderful way to return from a vacation. Relaxed, destressed and now time to finish the preparation and exert your new-found energy on the excitement of the new baby.

The road to this adoption has been an amazing thing. Thank you for being so open and honest and sharing the ups and downs with those who care about you all. It truly shows the strength of the bond you and Mark share and what an amazing family you have built. Now that family expands to include Sam and her birthmom.

I'm truly elated to hear the news and can't wait to read about her arrival in a few weeks! This will truly be an amazing summer for you all.


uncpdeb said...

A new baby girl for the Stearns family. Oh man, I can't wait to see her and love on her! we love you guys! Praise to our Father who is so gracious and kind! Enjoy this special time!!!!

Kayla said...

I just got goose bumps...I'm so happy for you and Mark, and Tate. I can't wait till she gets here!!!!