Friday, June 6, 2008

We're on Vacation!

Hi everyone,
We're in CA on vacation. We're in the redwoods now, and we are loving it. We haven't heard any feedback from our meeting, but I will update as soon as we do. Mark and I both felt pretty good about it, but who knows! We're just praying and hoping.

Love you,


uncpdeb said...

I'm so happy yall are on vacation. My how much we need one of those. Adam is taking 3 days from Conn to come here for my bday this weekend and we're taking the boys to Raleigh to celebrate with two friends. I cannot wait. We haven't been there together in over 2 years!!!
We are praying for yall's adoption. We love yall so very much!!!
OH, the Navy called (I have no idea who) and said Adam isn't qualified enough for the job in Hawaii (not enough time out to sea) so we're still waiting to hear what's STILL available, where and when we can get could be in the next month or not til Jan. I promise we'll let you know when we know. I'm sorry it's been so up/down. Our emotions are rotten from it all. We just want to move forward and be DONE with the Navy. I'm sure you understand. Gotta grab a nap. LOVE YOU!