Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The fog is lifting?

I am finally feeling like a distant relative of my old self. I've got some energy back, and I am a little more optimistic. There are several things that it could be attributing to my more cheery outlook, including...

* The fact that the Mariners had an amazing come from behind victory last night, including a grand slam by Raul IbaƱez, and my favorite position player, Yuniesky Betancourt went 2 for 4, scored twice and had an RBI. Games like this are rare for us this season, and they make me smile.

* I had 9 hours of sleep last night and woke up without an alarm clock.

*I had a fantastic workout this morning, and Tate was good the entire time so I didn't have to stop halfway through to reprimand him.

*I had chicken chow mein for dinner last night.

*My mom is coming over to visit today.

*I get to see my best friend this weekend.

*Tate is attacking me giving me kisses.

So you see, there are several reasons for me to smile today. However, I think the biggest reason that I am doing better is that I had an awesome devotional and prayer time this morning. I started off my day on track, and sadly, over the last two weeks I haven't been as purposeful in doing that as I should have been. I would still do a devotional and pray, but it was more of an after thought than a priority.

Hopefully this is the first day of many better days. I'm glad that I've been grieving and accepting our loss, because my joy is so much more real when I acknowledge what I've lost and am able to move on, with the help of the Holy Spirit (IMHO, of course).

Alright, I'm off to play with play dough with Tate. I made him some red play dough last week and he LOVES it.

Have a fantastic day!