Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's back

My back pain, that is. It's been forever since I've hurt it, and yesterday night I tweaked it by putting Tate in his crib. Bummer. I can't go on relaxers or even Motrin because I'm knocked up, so pray for my ability to cope today. Tylenol just doesn't get the job done.

Yesterday I got two batches of applesauce done. I wanted to do more, but I have to wait for it to freeze, so I just did two. I should be able to do a couple more today if I can bend down. We'll see. I'm not too keen on the idea at the moment.

I also have my own doctor! I'm so stoked about this! I go in tomorrow for a blood test to make sure that I really am pregnant, and then I will see Dr. Zapata. I'm very excited to have my own doctor and not have to just see whoever is available when I come in.

Ok, I've got to go deal with Tate. He's mad at one of his toys and about to take it out on Skipper.



Delayna said...

Hi :) No problem at all! We have a great circle of married, christian, friends with young children here, and you are welcome to join us! We attend North Kitsap Baptist Church in Poulsbo, and love it! Also, have fun at your appointment- our docs are at the same practice-- I have Dr. Quimby! :)