Monday, August 25, 2008

LOTS to do

Hey Friends!
Well, we've survived another weekend. I realize that weekends are supposed to be restful and relaxing, but lately we've jam packed them so full that we're exhausted by Sunday. Luckily, though, yesterday was somewhat relaxing. I missed the ferry to go to Brittney's bridal shower (who would've thought there'd be a line to get on the ferry at 11:00??!) so we're doing lunch today or sometime this week.

We tried a new church last night and we liked it, so I think we'll go back next week. We really haven't been as good about getting connected in a church as we should have been. I guess that's the one thing about living so close to's easy to have stuff to do or places to go every weekend so it's harder to push ourselves to find a church. In Virginia it was necessary because we were so far away from family that the church was our family. We found a great church, Believers, and we really miss it. We did get involved in a small group here right away, though, and that has helped.

Well, I've got a TON to do today. We harvested apples this weekend so I've got to get on it and make some applesauce. Also, I've got to make an apple pie for my neighbor who has a B-I-G birthday tomorrow! I also need to call a lady from the above mentioned small group to set up dinner on Wednesday. She had a baby on Thursday (I think) so our small group is doing dinners. On the 'should do' list I have making a doctor's appointment for Tate, and one for myself as well. Of course, I may leave those for tomorrow or Wednesday, or possibly even Thursday. I know it's irrational, but I always feel like I've been through war after getting off the phone with Navy medicine. They rarely have any reasonable time slots open for appointments and the call center people are seldom very helpful. Needless to say, I dread every call and put it off a lot longer than I probably should.

Alright, well, instead of just talking about what I need to get done today, I should probably just do it.

Have a great day!
Jenni and "Sam"