Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh the Vampires!

I went in for a blood draw this morning. It went well, actually. I never have high hopes after my pregnancy with Tate, and I am a little concerned because my hopes are actually being raised after visiting the office.

I was out in under 15 minutes, a very reasonable time frame for a blood draw and necessary paperwork. Then the Vampire drew my blood, and I was out of there. Unbelievably quick. I will call back this afternoon after 4 and then schedule my 'interview' appointment. So easy. Who knew?

I can't even explain the peace of mind I have being able to have my own doctor, and not have my time wasted. This same procedure with Tate took over 2 hours. Seriously. And it took six (yes, SIX) weeks for me to see a doctor after that initial appointment.

Ahh...the joy of competency!


Alibear said...

Sounds so nice! I miss my doctor in Bothell. Here in Texas you go to the doctor for a "chat". The doctor then gives you paperwork and you go to another office where it's a first-come, first-serve, when we get to you type "clinic". Once they call your name you're in and out in five minutes for the blood draw. Then you have to wait a week and go back to the doctor to read you your results. It's so exhausting!!!

uncpdeb said...

i'm so happy you have your own dr. it really will make a huge difference for this pregnancy. i hope all is going well!
love you!!!