Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So busy!

Let me first say, I LOVE FALL! It's my favorite time of year and I'm so glad it's finally here! I've had three pumpkin spice lattes so far (decaf, of course) could life get any better???

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was in a wedding on Saturday, and it was a busy week leading up to the wedding. It was beautiful though, just gorgeous. Brittany was an incredible bride, she was laid back and relaxed and looked amazing. My good friend Kayla Bosma did all of the pictures (including this amazing shot on the ferry) and I can't wait to see the rest. My dear husband ended up doing sound for the wedding last minute, and did a great job! That is one of the things I love and admire about him, he's not easily flustered and can step into a job with a moment's notice and keep a really positive attitude. We got home pretty late from the wedding, but we had fun!
Sunday some good friends of ours from Virginia came to visit. Paul and Alana and their two kiddos, Kade and Jacey flew stopped in for a night on their way home to California from Alaska. It was great to get in a game of Carcassone (Alana won again) and see how the kids have grown. This was the first time in our busy lives that Alana and I have been pregnant together. Before we were on opposite schedules (literally, Kade, Tate and Jacey are all 9 months apart) but now she is 10 weeks ahead of me. They are also waiting to see if it's a boy or girl, so we'll know around Christmas time! For the record, I'm betting girl for them and I have honestly no idea for us.
Tate's had a rough time these last few days with my busy schedule. I think he's ready for a normal day to just hang, the two of us. I'm happy to oblige him today. I think I needed it, too.
Well, that gets you pretty caught up with our lives, what's up with you?