Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It's so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy the quiet after a long day. It relaxes me completely. I have the candles burning (just like every other day) and I really love the occasional wiffs of Pumpkin that I get as I walk around the house. Gosh, I love FALL!

I am back in 'full on creative mode' again. I am making my niece and Mark's second cousin their Christmas gifts. I love creating gifts because I am able to pray for them while I'm working. It's really a lot more fun for me than it will be for them, but that's ok. Someday they will appreciate the work that went into their gifts. The color scheme is pink and purple, so I know they will like that. When I'm a little farther along I'll share pics and explain what exactly I'm doing. The problem is I have a hard time conveying my vision until after the project is complete, so until I'm done I get a lot of 'uh huh' and blank stares. It's ok, I know what's in my head.

We haven't heard anything from the lady, so I'm assuming that she doesn't want the house. It's ok. She didn't go inside and that's really the best part! God has been so faithful in providing for us and I am really enjoying learning to lean on Him more during this time of financial...I don't even know what to call it. It's not a crisis, our needs are being met and we are growing closer to God. I guess I would call it financial dependence on God. It's sad that it took us until now to get to this place, huh?

The pregnancy is going well. We go in on Monday for our big ultrasound. I am really excited. I am praying for the baby's health and mine as well. I have also started praying for the whole labor and delivery part of this shindig. I really want to go into labor naturally, so I've been praying for no complications that would hinder my ability to have a natural labor. I did do a 'natural' childbirth with Tate in that I had no drugs, but I was induced. I am a little more flexible this time. I'm not going to rule out drugs because my back labor was HORRIBLE, and I never felt the urge to push. I hear this is really common with back labor. Anyway, I am 19 weeks pregnant, almost half way! It's hard to believe it.

OK, well, my boys are playing outside. I'm going to go and enjoy the last few minutes of peace and quiet. I hope you're doing well!



Miriam Goodman said...

Jenni, I really love reading your blog I just wanted you to know that. I miss you friend