Thursday, October 23, 2008


My husband thinks I'm crazy.
OK, maybe not crazy, but that my world is very small.
Why else would I pick on a beloved fictional monkey?
I admit it.
My world is small.
I'm still getting used to staying at home.
And there are bigger problems in the world than a bad pet owner.
But seriously,
Oh Man with the Yellow Hat-
Could you please put a leash on your freaking monkey?
If I have to read about how you let him run and play with a dump truck;
Who has wheels taller than George;
I may dispose of you.


uncpdeb said...

I'm with you on this for real!!! Those stories end up the same way....George gets in "trouble" because "man with the yellow hat" doesn't pay enough attention...okay maybe those books are actually meant for me.....
ha ha ha
love you!

Christine said...

Oh my Jenni!! You make me laugh so much! Perhaps they're a precautionary your child, or they will mess with a dump truck, derail a train, or let all of the animals in the zoo out....or you're just having an irrational pregnant moment.....and that's ok too=)I love you!