Friday, October 24, 2008

Guess what we did last night...

We Voted.
That's right, friends. We sat down, armed with our ballots, our trusty voters pamphlets, our laptop opened to, our black pens, and we voted. We ended up voting similarly (which is shocking!), but not exactly the same.
I'm so glad it's done.
I'm not going to get into who we each voted for and why because...let's be honest. If we agree we'll just pat each other on the back about what great choices we made, and if we don't agree then we'll both spew out our rhetoric as to why 'our' candidate is better but neither of us will change our minds. I trust that if you're voting you've done your research and decided what's important to you.
My blog isn't the place to have a political discussion. I do that on Facebook.
We are now officially blocking out any election news until winners are announced.
In other, non election news, I do have to ask you to not be embarrassed if you saw me Wednesday, yesterday or today.
I am wearing the same clothes.
Different underclothes.
But the same jeans.
and hoodie.
The honest to goodness truth is that nothing fits out of my old clothes, and the maternity ones are all summery.
So I have a pair of trusty jeans.
and a few hoodies.
and I rotate them.
If you have a problem with that...
go buy me some more!
I'm going to hit up the thrift store here in the next few weeks.
Until then,
Tough Luck.