Monday, October 6, 2008

Long time coming

So, I've been neglecting a real post for a long time. Sorry about that. Here's the main stuff, all together in one post.

* House: we still haven't heard anything more from the woman who is interested. We're hoping and praying that this is 'the one' and things come together quickly, but we're also trying to be content in our waiting.

* Pregnancy: I am almost 19 weeks pregnant. We are going in a week from today for our big ultrasound. We have decided to not find out the baby's gender, but we are going to have the tech write on a card what it is, and then seal it in an envelope. That way, if we have complications and I have to have a C-Section we will be able to know in advance.

* Work/Navy: I start teaching next week (I will have two classes) and I started babysitting last week. I am not babysitting at all this week, but will a couple of times in the next couple of weeks. It's been a real blessing to have a little bit of extra cash coming in. Navy life is fine, we're still here. It's hard on shore duty to remember how awful sea duty was! We are still planning on getting out in June, but have given the Navy a 'list of demands' so to speak, to meet if we are to stay in. Namely, we want a guarantee on a certain type of sub. We'll see how all that goes. I'm not holding my breath.

* I am loving our deep freezer. It is probably the best purchase we made this year.

* Mark starts using the carpool to get into work tomorrow. I can't wait for our gas bill to go down!

* We are doing a really good job of evaluating our spending and cutting back where we can. Our goal is to be 'untethered' by December, and be able to build up a nice savings base between then and June for when Mark is out of the Navy.

* I've been finding a lot of ways to scrimp and save lately, and I'm doing a lot of DIY Christmas gifts this year. (We're only doing gifts for the Children and we each have a Secret Santa). I've used a ton and I love the ideas on there. I'll write more on our Christmas plans later, we've changed our ideas surrounding Christmas and this year will reflect that. It's going to get it's own post, though.

I hope you're doing well and I will talk to you later!



uncpdeb said...

if yall stay in, COME TO HAWAII!!!! The children would LOVE it here and the people are SUPER sweet, kind and really sensitive to Navy families. The housing is gorgeous and the playgrounds are wonderful. anyway, Adam is still weighing all his options, too. I'm not holding my breath, either.

uncpdeb said...

i tried to call dominion about how much we owe on the account to close it out. i can't find a copy of an old bill. you wouldn't happen to have the acct number would you? i just need to make sure we pay it on time and i haven't gotten a bill here so i'm scared it's stuck in va somewhere...
sorry my email doesn't can delete this message after you read it
love you!