Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No News

I didn't think we'd hear anything right away, so I'm trying not to even think about the house. If I'm being completely honest with myself, we really have nothing to complain about. We've been taken care of in ways beyond my understanding and I'm resting in God's great wisdom. We're even together right now! Last year at this time I was getting back to Guatemala from Panama and Mark was in Kuwait getting ready to come home. What a difference a year makes. (FYI, the house for sale is the one in Virginia that we bought 4.5 years ago and remodeled. We're renting now, and the house is sitting empty).

Tate has been really into the Curious George books lately. We have a compilation one that he especially likes. His favorite stories are the ones that have to do with transportation...the train and the dump truck. I know this is completely stupid, but I get really annoyed with the man in the yellow hat. He is a completely irresponsible pet owner! If you're going to take a monkey out of the jungle and bring him home, then at least watch him so he doesn't take off and make a mess of the entire train station. Or toy store. Or anywhere else for that matter. It just irritates me that he lets George go and get into trouble. If I let Tate run around like that I would either be fined or put in jail. I just hate things that promote irresponsibility. Even if they are cute. (I know, I know, apparently I don't hate it enough to not buy it or stop reading it). And yes, I do realize it's fiction.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze this weekend. Tate was enamored with all of the pumpkins. I think he sat on just about all of them. We didn't actually buy one for him, but he didn't seem to mind. We've set the bar really low for him when it comes to buying things. It's easier to set it low to start and then raise it as desired, I think. I hope.

Well, the little man is taking a nap...supposed to be taking a nap. He's quiet, that's what matters. I'm going to go and get a quick snooze before he's ready to be up and running again. I find that if I don't get at least a half hour down in the afternoon, I'm ready for bed by 8:00. I really do enjoy sharing my evenings with Mark, so I make a good attempt to nap for a bit every day. Some days it's easier than others.

OK, thanks for your prayers for our house. I'll post as soon as I hear anything!