Wednesday, November 26, 2008


  • For my Savior. He has shaped my life as I have grown in faith and I am forever grateful for his sacrifice on the cross for my sins.
  • For my husband. He is an incredible man who loves me in spite of (and sometimes because of) my weirdness. He is so loving and a great father, too.
  • For Tate, my firstborn. He fills my life with laughter and my heart with joy. He's taught me to be patient and loving, yet consistent.
  • For Elliana, my daughter that I can't have. Through the loss of the adoption I have learned what grief is, and that my marriage and family is strong enough to survive it. I have also learned more about God through this loss.
  • For Sam, my littlest love. You were a surprise, my dear, in the way you came into our lives, but we were fully expecting you to make an entrance...just not this soon! I love you and I am so thankful for your little kicks and jabs that let me know you're healthy.
  • For our parents. They have been so supportive this year as we've dealt with the transitions and bumps they've brought with them.
  • For our siblings, Kara & Rob, John & Katie, and Stephen. We don't get to see any of them as often as I'd like (Texas, Oregon and Hawaii are all a ways away) but they have given us great support this last year. I am thankful that we have good relationships with them, and also thankful for the many nephews and one niece they've given us!
  • For my friends, old and new. This year has been one of change for Mark and I, and the accountability and grace combination that I've been shown by my friends has been overwhelming. Thank you for your love and support.
  • For my job teaching Spanish. I love it. It's perfect for me where I am at right now.
  • For the Office on Thursdays. Silly, I know, but I just love that show. It's nice to know that I can relax and laugh on Thursday nights.
  • For paying off our truck this year. It's so wonderful to not have that hanging over our heads.
  • For our friends, the C's, that have full arms this Thanksgiving!
  • For our dogs. Even though sometimes I hate them, I really do love them. And I feel better when I'm home alone knowing they are here.
  • For my Dyson Animal vacuum. (This directly pertains to the dogs).
  • For my Crock Pot. I've learned to love it more than ever before. It helps make our 'gangrene' hour (dinner hour, when everything goes bad...attitude, etc) so much easier.
  • For Autumn. I love this time of year.
  • For my grandparents. All four are still alive and healthy. I love them all so much.
  • For being able to stay at home and raise my son. Not everyone wants to do this, and I have no problem with that. However, I want to and I am thankful that God has provided through Mark's job for me to stay here.
  • For an open lease through March. I love that what was a 6 month lease has changed and we are staying here for as long as we need. That was a direct answer to prayer.
  • For Dora the Explorer. Even though I hate TV, when I have to get ready for work I am glad to have something semi-educational to pop in the DVD player.

I could probably go on forever...but I won't on here. It will just be overflowing from my heart as I celebrate Thanksgiving, quite possibly my favorite holiday.

Oh, and one more thanks. To you, my dear blog readers. Thanks for thinking that the little bit of stuff I write is worth reading. It's nice to know that someone cares. I love you all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love, joy and the strangely patriotic feeling of being completely stuffed :)


Monday, November 24, 2008

The best is yet to come

That was one of the songs at Missy and Todd's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to be a part of. I'll post pics when Kayla puts hers up there.

Anyway, a quick rundown of how the week/end went:

-Wednesday Tate and I arrived in Pasco around 6:30. We had lunch with my parents at their house and played for a while, so Tate slept for about an hour and a half in the car. We stopped at McDonald's for him to eat dinner and he ate the ENTIRE hamburger, all of his apple slices and drank all of his milk. I was shocked that he ate so much. We were both pretty tired when we got to Missy's house so he went to bed soon after, and so did I. I let him sleep in the bed with me because I'm a softie like that.

-Thursday we woke up and went to the church to decorate the reception area. Tate watched Veggie Tales about 6 times while playing with a train in the nursery while we worked. He had such a great attitude and I was so proud of him. We went back to Missy's for his nap and after he woke up he played with George (Missy's dad) and I went and got a mani/pedi with the girls. We had such a great time! Tina and Alisha (Missy's sisters) ran a bit late due to missing the turnoff on I-82 (the got all the way to the gorge), and then running out of gas, but they made it by 4:15 or so. We laughed about their misfortunes all weekend. After that we all went to Red Robin for dinner. Tate wasn't really into eating there, but he did fine. Especially considering that we had to wait for about 45 minutes to sit down. We went to bed exhausted, but happy.

-Friday we spent decorating the sanctuary of the church. It turned out beautiful! Again, when Kayla posts some pictures I'll put a link up or something. Tate and AJ (Missy's nephew) played together all day and at the rehearsal, too. I think the most embarrassing moment came during the rehearsal. Tate was running around (everyone said it was fine, I'm really not a horrible mother) and he ran up on stage, grabbed himself in the appropriate area and announced "Mama, Tate pee pee." I looked around and told the lady next to me (jokingly, they all knew he was mine) "Gosh, that kid's mom needs to get control of him." Still kind of embarrassing though. Also, while we were doing the processional and recessional Tate would run up and down the aisle ahead of us (he was racing) and when he got to the front he'd put his hands out (picture a runner crossing the finish line, arms and hands out, head back, etc) and yell "Tate's here!" It was pretty cute. The dinner was great, too! We had MOOSE! I've never had moose before and it was very tasty. Not as gamey as venison (I am using the words of Todd, who eats a lot of this stuff because I wouldn't know how to describe it) and very juicy. I would definitely eat it again. The highlight of Friday, though, came after Tate was in bed. Mark got there! He rode with my parents and they made it into town around 8:00 or so. It was so good to see him. I don't think I'd make a great sea-going wife again because having him gone for two days was hard.

-Saturday! The big day! We were up early and off to get our hair done. Tina and I goofed around at the salon for a few hours because we were the last two to get our hair done. We managed to singe a lily (we tried to open it with a hair dryer), whiten our teeth, satin our lips (Mary Kay), satin our hands, run to Sally's Beauty Supply for more bobby pins, run to the bank, the church, and get our hair done. It was a very productive morning. Pictures were a blast because Kayla did them, and the ceremony was very nice. The reception was great because I got to take off my hurting shoes and put on comfy ones :). The cleanup was pretty quick because everyone stayed back to help. After we finished we went to the Best Western to hang out with family and friends. We got to bed late, but it was worth it to see everyone and enjoy the time we had together.

-Sunday we went to the hotel and picked up Tate (he stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa). We stayed for a bit to chat some more and then headed home. I slept most of the way, and Tate slept for an hour. We got home collapsed into bed and were all asleep by 7. Very early, but we needed it.

Well, I've got a dr. appointment today, so hopefully that goes well. I'm sure I'll post pictures very soon, but now I've got a little guy here who wants to read the Grinch, so I'm going to oblige him.

Love you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

24 Weeks Pregnant

So, I've finally made the time to take a pregnancy picture. Here's me and Sam at 24 weeks...actually closer to 25 but who's counting?

The 'Official' Stats:

Due Date: March 5th, 2009 (also my birthday)
Weight Gain (to date): 14.6 lbs (I know you don't care, but knowing that I'm going to post it helps me continue to make good food choices).
Gender: Boy
Name: Undecided. We're still calling him 'Sam' until he's born.
Fun Fact: Although not advised, if I gave birth to 'Sam' today, there is a decent chance he would survive outside the womb! If you've been reading about Nate and Tricia over at CF Husband (the link is on my daily readings) you'd be interested to know that their daughter was born at roughly the same age that 'Sam' is now. I feel like it's a landmark of sorts. I am excited to meet this little guy! I hope he stays in to cook a little bit longer, but I really am excited to meet him. I love him so much already (so cliche, I know, but it's true). He has a distinctly different personality than Tate, and I'm excited to get to know his little quirks and his personality.
I love you, little Sam. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Just stay in there a little longer, ok?
(Not to worry, I haven't had any pre term labor so far, and I never did with Tate so I'm not concerned about it:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Added

A swagbag link.

Here it is.

Basically by using their search engine or buying things through their search engine you can earn points towards gift cards, games, etc. I'm not huge on this stuff, but I figure if I save my points every year I can earn a few Pumpkin Spice Lattes every Autumn. That's enough incentive for me. If you want to join, just click on the link and get started! It's that easy! Maybe we can do a latte together next fall!

It's Really Fall...

Me exhausted after 3 hours of raking.

Getting the Party started with Tate (yes, I know i look like Mark when I wear his clothes...)

Post Raking Party!

Tate's version of 'Helping'

We had a great weekend. Seriously, it was a blast.

I raked leaves for about 3 hours on Saturday, Mark worked on replacing the fan belt in the truck (and he did a great job!) and then we played in the leaves with Tate. It was fun watching him throw the leaves in the air and then fall back into the pile. You forget how much fun the simple things are until you watch a child discover them.
Have I mentioned yet this year that I love Autumn?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exciting News...

...I should have pictures of the blanket(s) I've been working on since September to post tomorrow or Sunday. I am a few simple stitches away from finishing the first and about 2 days away from finishing the second.

...there is a couple (who has walked through the house) and is hoping to do a rent to own option! I'm hoping and praying that this is who the Lord wants in the house, but once again, I happily submit to his will. It would be nice to have someone in there by Christmas, though.

...If you've been following my Curious George saga, boy do I have news for you. (This could also fall into the 'Tateisms' category). Tate now says "Crazy George" instead of "Curious George". I think it's too cute for words.

...I'm trying a new recipe in my crock pot tonight. I've been waiting for whole chickens to be reduced to try it (about two weeks). I'm super stoked about it. I'll let you know how it goes. Now if only ground beef will be reduced I can try the new taco soup recipe I've been saving.

...I have totally earned my dependant allowance for this two weeks (for you non military types, basically my husband gets extra $$ every month because I exist. Yes, money for simply existing.) Anyway, I skinned above mentioned chicken before putting it in the pot. It's gross, cold and slimy, but much healthier to not cook a chicken in it's own fat. And yes, I am patting myself on the back.

That's about it for today. I hope your Friday has been wonderful!


PS If part of my post is huge, please ignore it. We're having some technical difficulties here in StearnsWorldOnline.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate broccoli, Spidermom kisses and other Tate-isms

Ok, so, not my proudest mom moment ever, but what can you do?
We were headed over to my parent's house and I was hungry for a Chocolate Dipped cone from McDonalds (I know, I know). Tate was hungry, too, so we got him a package of apple slices.
Well, we're on our way, me with my cone and Tate with his apples when he says "Momma, ice cream please." I said "no, Tate, you have your apples." He wasn't thrilled about it, but said "ok Momma."
A few minutes later he said again, "Momma, eating ice cream." Jokingly I responded,
"No, Momma doesn't like ice cream, she likes broccoli."
I guess that really meant something to him because for the rest of the day he said "Momma likes broccoli." over and over again. When we got home I asked him if he wanted broccoli and he said "yeah!" So I gave him some.
And he LOVED it.
So now my son eats carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, grean beans and lima beans.
Yay for veggies!
So, if you've ever seen Spider Man (I saw the first one, and I hated it. Kirsten Dunst really messed the movie up for me) you know that at one point Spidey hangs upside down and kisses M.J. while she is standing up.
I'm sure there's a lot of significance in the kiss, but I really don't care much.
Anyway, Mark has always had a bed time routine with Tate, and part of it is giving me 'spiderman kisses'. Mark holds Tate upside down by his toes and Tate is laughing hysterically and gives me a kiss.
Last night they were getting ready for bed and Mark forgot about the kisses. So Tate said,
"Daddy, Spider-Mom kisses."
It made my night.
Setting: In the truck yesterday afternoon. Listening to praise music. Tate and I are on our way to pick Mark up from work.
Tate: God and Jesus.
Me: What?
Tate: Momma, I like God.
Me: That's great news, Tate.
Tate: Yeah, I know.
Oh, and one more thing.
This dear Child of Mine calls 'oranges'
At least he's sticking with a color scheme, right?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a whirlwind of a weekend! It was great, though.

Missy's shower and party were a blast! We got to meet her soon to be sisters in law, and her cousin in law. They are great ladies and I look forward to seeing them again, soon. There was a great turnout for both events, and even though I am exhausted from them, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Tate had a blast at his grandma and papa's house. He was thoroughly spoiled...waffles every morning for breakfast, etc. He also got to sleep in Grandpa and Grandma's bed so he was a very happy camper. He did great in the nursery (for two services!) and we were able to get back onto a more regular nap schedule.

Monday we got to see Nana and Papa and spend the day with them. It was fun to see Sunny and Chloe (their dogs), and since then Tate has repeatedly said "Sunny Chloe house." Pretty cute.

Mark's job interviews went well, and we are very encouraged that he will have some prospects when the time comes for him to get out of the Navy. I knew that he would do well, but he was pretty nervous about all of it. I would definitely recommend working with a recruiting company (we're using Orion) because they prepare you incredibly well. He also had an interview with another company outside of Orion (which is allowed, we're not cheating) and he's super excited about the possibility of working for them. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with details but we're looking forward to the future!

Ok, I've got to get a nap. The fatigue of this pregnancy can be overwhelming at times. I've got a bunch more to post (and a really funny story about how Tate calls ice cream 'broccoli') but I'm too tired to get to it now...maybe after my nap.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week[end] Update

Isn't it sweet how devoted he is to his school bus and monster truck?

Anyhoo, sigh, the week is getting busier by the day. Work has gone well, but I still feel overwhelmed. I think I will until Monday. The good news is that Tate is finally down for a nap (only his second one this week...grrr) and I can get some stuff done. Plus I get to enjoy peace and quiet for a few minutes.
The baby had hiccups for the first time on Tuesday night. I had such a hard time sleeping I was running on adrenaline and then the hiccups. I think around 2 I finally dozed off. I was exhausted yesterday.
I think I'm about 23 weeks, but to be completely honest, I have no idea. I've lost track. I could be anywhere from 21-24 weeks. I think it goes faster when I don't count. I'm sure after Christmas I'll start to figure out how long until he gets here, but for now I'm content busying myself with other things.
Ok, I'm going to go snooze. I need it. Have a wonderful day!
PS. Exciting news on the job front! Mark has two interviews scheduled for next week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blessing my socks off!

Jesus cares about my shoes.


He does. I know it's hard to believe, but he does.

So a few months ago when I found out I was pregnant I went out and bought a pair of leggings and a couple of shirts to go with them. When I got home, I tried on just about every pair of shoes I own with them, but none of them looked right. Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal to me, but for work I have to look professional, and wearing goofy shoes with my leggings would not look professional. Mark and I went over the budget a few times and we decided that buying shoes for the leggings wasn't a priority and I'd just have to do without-namely, wear something else. When I went to Bible Study last week our leader brought in this cute pair of shoes. They didn't fit her because of her arches, but she asked everyone to try them on. They didn't fit anyone but me. I was excited because they are super cute, and brought them home feeling thankful. When I got home I was wearing them around to break them in (and yes, I had my leggings on. They are so much more comfortable than jeans!). I looked in the mirror, and thought WOW!!! The shoes go! They don't look silly! I could wear these to work! I was (and am) so incredibly thankful that the Lord provided. It's such a silly little thing, but he's shown me that he cares about every aspect, even silly shoes. Thank you, Jesus!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gearing Up

I am mentally preparing myself for this week. It's going to be a long one. On top of the everyday 'mothering' and 'wife-ing' I am working every day. Here's the breakdown of my week:

Monday (today): Sub. for another Spanish teacher, 3:40-4:30. Dinner:easy crockpot Shepherd's pie.

Tuesday: Childcare in the morning, 7-9:30 or so, Grocery shop (this falls into mothering, wife-ing category), Spanish class 3:45-4:25. Dinner: Steak, Salad, rice.

Wednesday: Childcare in the morning, 8-9:30, Bible study 9:30-11:30, Sub. Spanish 3:40-4:30. Dinner: Turkey Veggie Chili, already made and frozen. I just have to heat up!

Thursday: Spanish class 3:45-4:25, Bible study at 7:00 so I have to cook dinner early and bring it with us so we can eat after going to the gym (usually we hit the gym around 5-6, eat from 6-6:30, then head to small group). Dinner: Chicken chow mein from frozen package.

Friday: Head over to Snohomish for a possible Bachelorette Party (depending on my dear friend, Missy's surgery schedule. We should find out today what the plan is for that.

Saturday: Shower for Missy.

Sunday: Mark has a job fair in Seattle. I think I will be heading home and he will head to Seattle and I'll pick him up from the ferry. That's still up in the air. I think we'll see how the week is going to determine how Sunday goes.

Friday we went over to Jo and Dave's (friends from our Sunday night small group) for trick or treating. Tate had a blast. We dressed him up as an endangered species (a Mariners Fan). He got a ton of candy, but only got to keep a couple of suckers and M&M's for potty training.
Saturday was a great day! We were able to sleep in and relax a bit, then we had our 'new' friends Ben and Becky over for a game night. So much fun! (I say 'new' because Becky was our Social Worker during the adoption so we couldn't socialize outside of that, but we are free to be friends now). Anyway, Becky won Carcassonne, and Mark won Dominoes. We had a great time, and Tate appreciated showing off for new guests.
Sunday we went to church and helped in the 4 & 5 class (wow, they are fun!), then went to the service. It was a great sermon, and we are in agreement of how to apply it to our lives. If you could be praying for us that we're able to put aside our own feelings and really reach out to people that need it we would appreciate it. We're inviting a special someone to church and it's taking a lot out of us emotionally, but we are so excited about it. We really hope that she'll come. I'll tell you more specifically when I know more.
Tate did really well with potty training yesterday, he didn't wet a diaper all morning! I am doing cloth diapers this week, and hopefully next week we'll be ready to dive into going on the potty all the time. He's been the one initiating all of the potty useage, so that's why I think he's ready.
I've been sleeping a lot better, so hopefully that will help me get through this long week. The last three days I've woken up feeling rested and ready to go instead of exhausted and in disbelief that it's morning already. Hopefully this continues for a couple of months!
Ok, I'm done with this super post. I hope everyone had a great Halloween, and now we're onto the Holiday Season!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Son!

Britney and Tygh have a son!

Baby Brae was born at noon yesterday and weighs 7 lbs and 3 oz. Britney was able to be there for the birth and got to cut the umbilical cord. What an amazing blessing!

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Thank you everyone for your prayers on behalf of the C's. I know they appreciate it!