Tuesday, November 18, 2008

24 Weeks Pregnant

So, I've finally made the time to take a pregnancy picture. Here's me and Sam at 24 weeks...actually closer to 25 but who's counting?

The 'Official' Stats:

Due Date: March 5th, 2009 (also my birthday)
Weight Gain (to date): 14.6 lbs (I know you don't care, but knowing that I'm going to post it helps me continue to make good food choices).
Gender: Boy
Name: Undecided. We're still calling him 'Sam' until he's born.
Fun Fact: Although not advised, if I gave birth to 'Sam' today, there is a decent chance he would survive outside the womb! If you've been reading about Nate and Tricia over at CF Husband (the link is on my daily readings) you'd be interested to know that their daughter was born at roughly the same age that 'Sam' is now. I feel like it's a landmark of sorts. I am excited to meet this little guy! I hope he stays in to cook a little bit longer, but I really am excited to meet him. I love him so much already (so cliche, I know, but it's true). He has a distinctly different personality than Tate, and I'm excited to get to know his little quirks and his personality.
I love you, little Sam. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Just stay in there a little longer, ok?
(Not to worry, I haven't had any pre term labor so far, and I never did with Tate so I'm not concerned about it:)


MilePost13 said...

Thank you. Hope Sam stays safe until March!

uncpdeb said...

You look SOOO amazing and your hair is so long and gorgeous...must be all those awesome hormones.
I'm glad things are going well and that you're feeling well. I remember thinking how different the boys were even when I was pregnant...and now, I still see the same things about both of cool!

Erik-Karen-Kyra said...

Nice baby-bump! :-) You look great. I'm glad things are progressing along nicely.

Christine Langager said...

Jenni!!! You look fantastic!!! You really are the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen! I'm glad everything is going well...keep on cooking little Sam=)Love you guys!