Wednesday, November 26, 2008


  • For my Savior. He has shaped my life as I have grown in faith and I am forever grateful for his sacrifice on the cross for my sins.
  • For my husband. He is an incredible man who loves me in spite of (and sometimes because of) my weirdness. He is so loving and a great father, too.
  • For Tate, my firstborn. He fills my life with laughter and my heart with joy. He's taught me to be patient and loving, yet consistent.
  • For Elliana, my daughter that I can't have. Through the loss of the adoption I have learned what grief is, and that my marriage and family is strong enough to survive it. I have also learned more about God through this loss.
  • For Sam, my littlest love. You were a surprise, my dear, in the way you came into our lives, but we were fully expecting you to make an entrance...just not this soon! I love you and I am so thankful for your little kicks and jabs that let me know you're healthy.
  • For our parents. They have been so supportive this year as we've dealt with the transitions and bumps they've brought with them.
  • For our siblings, Kara & Rob, John & Katie, and Stephen. We don't get to see any of them as often as I'd like (Texas, Oregon and Hawaii are all a ways away) but they have given us great support this last year. I am thankful that we have good relationships with them, and also thankful for the many nephews and one niece they've given us!
  • For my friends, old and new. This year has been one of change for Mark and I, and the accountability and grace combination that I've been shown by my friends has been overwhelming. Thank you for your love and support.
  • For my job teaching Spanish. I love it. It's perfect for me where I am at right now.
  • For the Office on Thursdays. Silly, I know, but I just love that show. It's nice to know that I can relax and laugh on Thursday nights.
  • For paying off our truck this year. It's so wonderful to not have that hanging over our heads.
  • For our friends, the C's, that have full arms this Thanksgiving!
  • For our dogs. Even though sometimes I hate them, I really do love them. And I feel better when I'm home alone knowing they are here.
  • For my Dyson Animal vacuum. (This directly pertains to the dogs).
  • For my Crock Pot. I've learned to love it more than ever before. It helps make our 'gangrene' hour (dinner hour, when everything goes bad...attitude, etc) so much easier.
  • For Autumn. I love this time of year.
  • For my grandparents. All four are still alive and healthy. I love them all so much.
  • For being able to stay at home and raise my son. Not everyone wants to do this, and I have no problem with that. However, I want to and I am thankful that God has provided through Mark's job for me to stay here.
  • For an open lease through March. I love that what was a 6 month lease has changed and we are staying here for as long as we need. That was a direct answer to prayer.
  • For Dora the Explorer. Even though I hate TV, when I have to get ready for work I am glad to have something semi-educational to pop in the DVD player.

I could probably go on forever...but I won't on here. It will just be overflowing from my heart as I celebrate Thanksgiving, quite possibly my favorite holiday.

Oh, and one more thanks. To you, my dear blog readers. Thanks for thinking that the little bit of stuff I write is worth reading. It's nice to know that someone cares. I love you all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love, joy and the strangely patriotic feeling of being completely stuffed :)



thecrowls said...

I am thankful for the office too! I loved your list :) What a good thing to do.