Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week[end] Update

Isn't it sweet how devoted he is to his school bus and monster truck?

Anyhoo, sigh, the week is getting busier by the day. Work has gone well, but I still feel overwhelmed. I think I will until Monday. The good news is that Tate is finally down for a nap (only his second one this week...grrr) and I can get some stuff done. Plus I get to enjoy peace and quiet for a few minutes.
The baby had hiccups for the first time on Tuesday night. I had such a hard time sleeping I was running on adrenaline and then the hiccups. I think around 2 I finally dozed off. I was exhausted yesterday.
I think I'm about 23 weeks, but to be completely honest, I have no idea. I've lost track. I could be anywhere from 21-24 weeks. I think it goes faster when I don't count. I'm sure after Christmas I'll start to figure out how long until he gets here, but for now I'm content busying myself with other things.
Ok, I'm going to go snooze. I need it. Have a wonderful day!
PS. Exciting news on the job front! Mark has two interviews scheduled for next week!


uncpdeb said...

YAY for the job interviews! Do let us know how that stuff goes. Before long, Adam will be ready for those days. I think he'll make about a 2-3 wk trip to the mainland for job interviews and looking at homes so we don't have to worry about taking the boys all over the country. Seriously, until he starts looking, he has NO IDEA what's out there. What kind of things is Mark looking in to? And how much longer before his time is up?
Gotta run enjoy the last part of naptime...I worked out and showered so I only have a couple minutes left.
love you so much