Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year!

We're not doing mail cards this year...for several reasons. So here it is. I am assuming that if you're reading this blog we love you very much and wish you a Christmas filled with laughter, love and the joys of family.

Mark, Jenni, Tate and "Sam" Stearns

Friday, December 19, 2008

What we're up to

28 weeks

Not much.


We're still at my parent's house. It's been a week now.

We can't get home.


Really, though, I have had a great week. I've gotten to hang out with great friends (Love you Miriam, Tina and Rochelle!) and it's been so nice to see my brother for so many days in a row!

Mark was able to get down to the house this afternoon by hiking in...2 miles. For Reals.

That's about it. I'm feeling huge. I'm tired. I've had to buy new clothes because all I had to wear was workout pants, a workout shirt and a fancy dress from our anniversary. I have cute new jeans (on clearance) from Fred Meyer's that aren't maternity (yay!) and a new top, too. (Fred's doesn't have a maternity section).

We're supposed to get another 12 or so inches tomorrow, and there's a huge wind storm coming. They're saying 70 MPH sustained winds. So we're staying here until it thaws.

It's about 13 degrees F right now.

I've added some anniversary pictures for your enjoyment.

Love you all! Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Mark, Tate, and Uncle Steve

Steve is back! We're so happy to see him again, if only for a couple of weeks.

On Saturday Mark and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (yay!) by going to the Space Needle for dinner. It was excellent! The reputation (that is several years old) is that the food isn't that good and the prices are outrageous. The prices are high, but the food was incredible! We really enjoyed our time together, not having to worry about a little monkey spilling his milk, throwing a fit about what he wants to eat, etc. Adult conversation was a special treat, and the fact that it was snowing while we were eating was just a bonus. The night was clear and beautiful, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. was fantastic!
While we were dinnering, Stephen took Tate to his first hockey game. This was a huge deal because Tate has no idea what hockey is, but he talks about it all the time. (Stephen makes sure whenever he's around to talk a lot about hockey, so that is where Tate learned the word.) Anyway, the game started after Tate's bedtime, and with the cold and the noise we were a little unsure about how it was going to go. Well, it couldn't have gone any better. Tate LOVED it! It helped that when they first got to the game the Zamboni was on the ice and Tate said to Stephen:
"Uncle Steve, Tractors and Hockey? Oh My Goodness!"
They got home late, but Tate was so happy to have seen hockey. We'll have to go back sometime soon.
We're heading back from my parent's today. It's quite cold (15 degrees this morning) and there is some concern about us making it up and down our driveway. We'll just have to see how it goes.
I have another few stories to tell, but for now I'll have to cut this short. Tate's overdue for a nap and I need to encourage him in that general direction.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ssshhhh...don't tell Riley or Kayla...

Here they are.
Riley and Kayla's Christmas gifts that I've been working on for ages.

Basically I used a bunch of different pink and purple yarns to make granny squares and put them together to make a blanket. I chose green to surround the colors because it reminded me of spring flowers. I hope they enjoy them! I know blankets aren't the most exciting Christmas gifts ever, but I really appreciated all of the handmade things I got from my grandparents through the years.
Anyhow, sorry it took me so long to get this done. I've spent the last week burying ends, and it's been SO BORING!!
I'm so glad to be done!
Now, only 5 quillows to go for the boys (they'll be sewn, much quicker!)
Love always,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Church is About (According to Tate)

Setting: In the car on the way to church. Tate is in the back seat and Mark and I are up front.

Tate: Mama!

Me: Yes, Tate?

Tate: Mama! Church! Go play with Tractor and God! Yay!!

The Trinity According to Tate

Setting: In our bathroom at 7:15 this morning. Tate is brushing his teeth and I am applying makeup. Since our son doesn't do well with surprises we try to prepare him for things (like church) well in advance. We've been talking about church since yesterday and he's pretty excited. For the record, we've only talked about playing with friends, learning about Baby Jesus and such. We've never mentioned any sort of farm equipment at all.

Me: Tate are you excited to go to church and learn about God, Jesus and the...(I'm intending to say Holy Spirit but Tate cuts me off).

Tate: mmm hmm. And Trucks, Tractors and Bulldozers.

We'll have to work on that...hopefully that's not blasphemy! (I think God will understand!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

ID Like to know where you went...

So, I have a bad habit of losing my military ID.
I'm sure that I probably end up misplacing it about 12 times every week. It wouldn't be that bad, but it has Mark and my social on it, so it'd be great if I could keep a better hold on it.
The reason I have such a hard time keeping it is because every time I go to the base (daily, to work out or shop) I have to take it out of my wallet and show the gate guard.
If I could just put it back in my wallet it would be fine, but I can't. I have to take it out again to go to the gym, and again to go to the store. I don't like to take my entire wallet into the gym, so usually I just put it back in my purse or put it in my pocket. That's where problems begin.
So, yesterday I couldn't find it again, but I knew that I had put it back in my purse. I just didn't know where. I was busy trying to plan for my Spanish class, cook dinner for us to eat on the road (it was excellent, by the way), clean the house for guests, potty train Tate, etc. Knowing that my ID was MIA again was in the back of my mind, and I sent up a few quick prayers to help me find it.
I kept on feeling the Holy Spirit telling me to stop doing stuff and just sit with him for a while.
Sadly, I ignored him.
Several times.
After about 2 hours of puttering, I finally threw up my hands and sat down on the couch with my Bible in hand.
I said a quick prayer asking for help to quiet my mind and focus on the Lord for the next 2o minutes. Then I opened up my Bible.
There was my ID.
On the first page.
God is Good.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thursday!!

I LOVE Thursdays.
First, I get another week farther along in my pregnancy. Today I am 27 weeks. This is me saying 'adios' to my second trimester. Yay!

Mark told me last night about a woman in his office that was also pregnant with a boy. When she delivered it turned out to be a girl. I kind of freaked out. As much as I want to have a girl, I've bonded with this baby as a boy. I have a name for him. I love him. I was so upset at the thought of my son being a girl. It's silly, I know, but it would be so strange to have a girl after believing it was a boy! Mark called me weird and hormonal (which is true), but it's such a strange thought.
The other reason I love Thursdays?
The Office.
It's 22 minutes of pure relaxation and joy.
(Yes, it's a 30 minute show but there are 8 minutes of commercials).
So, in order to be able to relax and enjoy the office with my Honey, I need to get the laundry done and work on dinner. Honey apple stir fry tonight. I'll let you know how it goes!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mish Mash

The bridesmaids after the wedding.

Mark and I enjoying peace and quiet after the wedding (Tate stayed with my parents that night)

Crazy post wedding hair

Life is really rough when you're two!

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's not that I have nothing to share, but rather that I feel a little overwhelmed and when I feel that way I have a hard time sitting down and writing. I'll share some highlights...

Thanksgiving was a blast. My parents, my grands (dad's side), my Uncle Randy (dad's cousin) and Gabe (foster brother 10 years ago) were all there. We had a fantastic dinner and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It's been a year or so since I had seen Gabe and Randy.

Missy's wedding pics are now up at I'm the pregnant one (hehe).

My Spanish class is going well. My kids are all recognizing words, and they are even beginning to recall some! It's so exciting to see them morph into linguists! I love it!

I am done with Riley's Christmas present, and almost done with Kayla's (my niece and second cousin, respectively). I've just been too scattered to take pictures and post them. Sorry about that.

Tate is potty training, and doing exceptionally well. Yesterday he just woke up from his nap and said "Momma, pee pee potty." He did this up until we left for Spanish so I went and got him some Big Boy Spider-Mom undies! I know, so exciting. Today he did really well. He told me almost every time he had to go, and only had three accidents all day! Two of those were when he started to go and stopped himself and ran into the bathroom and finished on the pot. I consider those victories! I am so proud of him.

(And yes, I do now consider myself a potty training expert. I clearly had so much to do with this that I really can't look at it any other way. Please note that I am dripping with sarcasm here. Tate decided to do this...I had very little to do with any of it).

Yes, I do realize that because Tate has been so easy (relatively) Sam will be terribly difficult. I'm sure he won't sleep through the night ever, have really loud tantrums, not nurse well, and not potty train until he's 7. I will love him and be incredibly proud of him regardless.

But for now, I'm feeling really positive about mommying, and about my son. And, even if Sam is a million times more difficult than Tate, I welcome it. Who wants clones for children?
Alright, enough rambling. Have a great night!