Friday, December 5, 2008

ID Like to know where you went...

So, I have a bad habit of losing my military ID.
I'm sure that I probably end up misplacing it about 12 times every week. It wouldn't be that bad, but it has Mark and my social on it, so it'd be great if I could keep a better hold on it.
The reason I have such a hard time keeping it is because every time I go to the base (daily, to work out or shop) I have to take it out of my wallet and show the gate guard.
If I could just put it back in my wallet it would be fine, but I can't. I have to take it out again to go to the gym, and again to go to the store. I don't like to take my entire wallet into the gym, so usually I just put it back in my purse or put it in my pocket. That's where problems begin.
So, yesterday I couldn't find it again, but I knew that I had put it back in my purse. I just didn't know where. I was busy trying to plan for my Spanish class, cook dinner for us to eat on the road (it was excellent, by the way), clean the house for guests, potty train Tate, etc. Knowing that my ID was MIA again was in the back of my mind, and I sent up a few quick prayers to help me find it.
I kept on feeling the Holy Spirit telling me to stop doing stuff and just sit with him for a while.
Sadly, I ignored him.
Several times.
After about 2 hours of puttering, I finally threw up my hands and sat down on the couch with my Bible in hand.
I said a quick prayer asking for help to quiet my mind and focus on the Lord for the next 2o minutes. Then I opened up my Bible.
There was my ID.
On the first page.
God is Good.


uncpdeb said...

That story is classic! It's so God to show up with humor.