Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mish Mash

The bridesmaids after the wedding.

Mark and I enjoying peace and quiet after the wedding (Tate stayed with my parents that night)

Crazy post wedding hair

Life is really rough when you're two!

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's not that I have nothing to share, but rather that I feel a little overwhelmed and when I feel that way I have a hard time sitting down and writing. I'll share some highlights...

Thanksgiving was a blast. My parents, my grands (dad's side), my Uncle Randy (dad's cousin) and Gabe (foster brother 10 years ago) were all there. We had a fantastic dinner and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It's been a year or so since I had seen Gabe and Randy.

Missy's wedding pics are now up at I'm the pregnant one (hehe).

My Spanish class is going well. My kids are all recognizing words, and they are even beginning to recall some! It's so exciting to see them morph into linguists! I love it!

I am done with Riley's Christmas present, and almost done with Kayla's (my niece and second cousin, respectively). I've just been too scattered to take pictures and post them. Sorry about that.

Tate is potty training, and doing exceptionally well. Yesterday he just woke up from his nap and said "Momma, pee pee potty." He did this up until we left for Spanish so I went and got him some Big Boy Spider-Mom undies! I know, so exciting. Today he did really well. He told me almost every time he had to go, and only had three accidents all day! Two of those were when he started to go and stopped himself and ran into the bathroom and finished on the pot. I consider those victories! I am so proud of him.

(And yes, I do now consider myself a potty training expert. I clearly had so much to do with this that I really can't look at it any other way. Please note that I am dripping with sarcasm here. Tate decided to do this...I had very little to do with any of it).

Yes, I do realize that because Tate has been so easy (relatively) Sam will be terribly difficult. I'm sure he won't sleep through the night ever, have really loud tantrums, not nurse well, and not potty train until he's 7. I will love him and be incredibly proud of him regardless.

But for now, I'm feeling really positive about mommying, and about my son. And, even if Sam is a million times more difficult than Tate, I welcome it. Who wants clones for children?
Alright, enough rambling. Have a great night!