Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Trinity According to Tate

Setting: In our bathroom at 7:15 this morning. Tate is brushing his teeth and I am applying makeup. Since our son doesn't do well with surprises we try to prepare him for things (like church) well in advance. We've been talking about church since yesterday and he's pretty excited. For the record, we've only talked about playing with friends, learning about Baby Jesus and such. We've never mentioned any sort of farm equipment at all.

Me: Tate are you excited to go to church and learn about God, Jesus and the...(I'm intending to say Holy Spirit but Tate cuts me off).

Tate: mmm hmm. And Trucks, Tractors and Bulldozers.

We'll have to work on that...hopefully that's not blasphemy! (I think God will understand!)


uncpdeb said...

That's funny. Every Sunday I prepare the boys the same way as they don't like surprises either. I always ask about their lesson and they always answer "JESUS!" and I'm like "but what ABOUT Jesus? what did He do? what did He say?" and it's always "um, I don't know but we got star stickers!" little ones are just too cute. :-)