Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Productive? Maybe...

So, I'm definitely into the nesting stage of this pregnancy. I'm cleaning, organizing, list making or cooking all the time. Today, for example, I did all of the above. I cooked two whole chickens (I hate doing that, but it's so much cheaper than buying the boneless and skinless chicken breasts), pulled them, cleaned up, made a lasagna, cleaned up, and then worked on cooking my dry beans (they are still in the crock pot) and cleaned up. I vacuumed the house, made a list of purchases that need to be made before the baby, and re-organized Tate's closet. Whew. I'm tired.

On the subject of tired, I have officially entered into the stage of pregnancy where you can't sleep anymore. BUMMER!!! I was up off and on all night last night, again. I've decided that if this happens again tonight I'm going to get up and at least do something productive. I might as well do something, right!?!

Mark met with the recruiter today to talk about the Reserves. It looks as though we are leaning toward it, but we're not going to make a final decision until May or June.

We're still waiting for some good news on the house. Please be praying for that for us. We're needing a clear 'rent' or 'sell' direction, and so far we've got nothing. Hopefully we'll have some real bites here soon.

Alright, Tate is out of the bath and almost ready for bed. I'm going to go snuggle him for a while.

Love to you all!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess what I woke up to yesterday...

Well, let me preface by saying that we stayed at my parent's house on Saturday night.

If you've been reading this blog for any longer than about 3 weeks I'm sure you can guess.

It wasn't Jack Frost this time.

It was the real deal.

I am happy to report that we made it home in spite of said snow, and we are comfortably resting at our cold house.
Hopefully the fire will warm the place up soon. We'll see I guess.
Tate has decided to make a blankie for the new baby. He was very concerned the other day when we were reading the new baby/big brother story that all the blankets in his room were HIS blankets, and that the baby doesn't have any. (He actually does, I just don't let Tate play with them). Anyway, he said "Mama, make a blankie?" So, that's what we've decided to do. I got some helicopter fleece from my MIL's stash (Thank you, Vicki!!) and we're going to get to work on that today. Or tomorrow. We'll see how today goes. I think it's pretty cute that Tate was so concerned.
I also have a new favorite saying from Tate.
To the untrained ear it would sound like
"Cheetos n milks"
but, it really means
"Cheerios and Milk."
I'm going to try to get it recorded so you can hear how cute it is. It's truly adorable.
Ok, off to get something done. I'm not sure what, I'm sort of paralyzed by tasks today. I just need to accomplish one and I'm sure I'll feel better.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry Friends

I know you've been on the edge of your seats all week wondering what I've been up to...


Anyway, it's been a week! Usually I have one or two days without real commitments that I can get stuff done around the house. This hasn't been the case these past two weeks. Why? Well, let's the past two weeks we have been to the doctor's office (at least one of us) 12 times. Here's the breakdown:

Tate (and therefore me, too) Dr's office: Incessant coughing. Diagnosed as allergies. Complete joke. He's got a cold and he's almost done with it. Total time: 3.5 hours.
Family total: 1

Tate (and therefore me, too) pharmacy: for allergy medicine that isn't needed. 1.5 hours and a complete waste of time.
Family total:2

Mark: Two regular doctor's appointments, another appointment for a blood draw (I realize in most places they are pretty quick with blood draws, but we're talking about Navy medicine here, folks. Their inefficiency is practically an art form). Three stops at the pharmacy. One for Tate's medication (the rx that I had dropped off and took 1.5 hours), one to drop off a rx for me, and once to pick up a rx for me).
Total time: No idea. It's too much to calculate.
Family Total: 8

Jenni: Two routine care prenatal appointments. One ultrasound. These are actually pretty quick, but still require 40 minutes of driving each way. Also one specialist appointment for a mole check. Good news is I'm all clear on the mole. Bad news is I've got Pregnancy Induced Hypertension now, so I'm on pills for that until the baby is born.
Family Total: 12.

It probably sounds like I'm complaining.

I am.

I hate going to the doctor, and this week just about did me in. Also, this is just time there, we're not even talking about the ridiculous amounts of time it takes to call the appointment line and set up the appointments. Or the fact that they ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early and they are consistently running about 30-40 minutes behind. The good news is, though, that my regular appointments are almost all on time, and I'm thrilled about that. It's been worth the cost-simply for peace of mind-for me to switch to Tricare Standard.

So, anyway, with the myriad of appointments lately I've scarcely had the time to do laundry or dishes, let alone anything else on the computer.

I don't have to go into the doc for another week and a half (yay!) but Mark's got three appointments next week. He's doing all of his stuff to get out of the Navy, and there's a lot to take care of.

News from the doc this week: Baby is still breech. I had hoped that he would move. He hasn't. The blood pressure was a total bummer, but I've accepted it. Since my readings were always in the 'high normal' level before the appointment, and the 'normal' level after, my Dr. was never concerned. Now my readings are high, and high normal after the appointment, so he said it's time to medicate to make sure we don't have any complications. I was feeling like a complete failure about this until he told me that it was pretty much a textbook case of PIH, and I shouldn't worry about it, just take my meds. The alternative to meds is bed rest, and with a two year old the reality of bed rest isn't exactly ideal, so the meds it is.

So, there is my list of excuses. If you've made it this far I am seriously impressed.

I hope you've had a less bureaucratic week, and I look forward to resuming a semi-regular schedule next week.

Love you all,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Almost Panic

We're at my parent's again.
It's wonderful to be back, and we're just planning on staying for one day.
You may remember the last time we planned on staying for one day...
Anyway. We're here again.
And, more as a habit than anything else, the first thing I did when I woke up was look out the bedroom window.
All I saw was white.
Seriously, I panicked.
Then, as I looked closer, I realized that it was just my good friend,
my Beloved,
Jack Frost.
I sighed in relief, so happy to know that we will be able to make it home tonight.
So, we're here to see Stephen.
He's home for Nash's funeral.
While it's sad that he's home for a funeral, we had a really good talk last night.
Stephen has peace that Nash had accepted Christ, because Nash told him that he Believes and had peace about where he would go when he died (it's been a few months since they had that conversation, but it doesn't 'matter.)
Stephen is hanging out with friends and Nash's family and working through the grief.
I'm very impressed with his ability to process and grieve. He's grown so much.
Just for the record, I don't believe that if someone has been saved through faith in Christ that committing suicide will send them directly to Hell. You may disagree, but luckily, it's not up to us. Proverbs says that all a man's ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart. It's up to God. Praise Him for that.
Here's why I believe the way I do:
1. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)
2. James 2:10 "For whoever keeps the whole law but stumbles at one part is guilty of breaking all of it."
Murder is a sin. So is swearing, lust, adultery, judging others, lying, etc. If you've been saved, but die before you can confess your last sin, does that mean that you're immediately condemned to Hell? I don't think so.
John 10:28 is very clear on Salvation being forever. Jesus says that he gives us eternal life, and no one can snatch us out of his hand. That said, it is NEVER what God has in mind for us, and it is most definitely a sin.
If you have more questions about this subject, this is a great link.
Well, I'm going to go relax for a bit. Tate is napping with my mom, so I get to rest for a while. Yay!
I'm sure you're all enjoying today, and I am hoping that we all can learn something from
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
He was truly a remarkable man, and I can't think of a more honoring Presidential Inauguration than that of Barack Obama tomorrow!
Ok, I'm sure I've struck enough nerves with this post, so I'll sign off for today.
Love always,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Down and out

I'm sad today.

My brother's really good friend, Nash, died yesterday. I'm not sure Nash was a believer, but I know that Stephen was able to share the gospel with him. After Stephen came home from YWAM with a changed heart he was one of his few friends that still hung around, even though he didn't understand what Stephen was going through. He really was a true friend. It just makes my heart hurt knowing that Stephen is so, so sad, and also for Nash's family. He had overcome serious drug addiction, several family issues and seemed to be doing well. My heart goes out to his family and friends. We aren't really sure how he died, and it doesn't matter. He's gone and we're mourning his passing. He was 20, and he died too young.

My dr's appt. didn't go very well today either. I woke up feeling icky and flu like, and my BP was up. He did some checks and doubts it's anything preeclampsia like, but did blood work just in case. I'm going in next week for a re-check. He said we'll wait and see on all the baby stuff which is kind of annoying to me because now that I know there's a greater chance of C-Section I'd really rather just schedule it and cancel if it's not needed. But, alas, I wait.

Tate and I did get to spend some good time together, and it's been the highlight of my day. I was crying after talking to Stephen on the phone today and Tate came up and sat on my lap and kissed me. It was so sweet. He's also gone all day (from 7:30-5) without an accident! I'm so proud of my big boy! He is also fighting some sort of cold/flu thing, so I spoiled us both and let him nap in my bed. Sometimes extra TLC is needed.

Well, Mark just got home with flowers. What a considerate husband. I'm going to go spend some time with him...I've missed him today.

Please keep Stephen, Nash (that's his last name BTW, his first name was Andy but everyone calls him Nash), and all of his friends and family in your prayers. We're hoping that his death will encourage some of his friends to clean up their lives.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tate and The Doctor

So, I went to the doctor today for an ultrasound for Sam. More on that later. First, this is how our conversation went in the car with Tate. It was too funny not to share.

Tate: Momma, we're going to the doctor.

Me: Yep, you're right Tate. We're going to the doctor.

Tate: I need to go to the doctor.

Mark: Really, Tate, why do you need to see the doctor?

Tate: Cause I need a pickle.

In other Doctor news...
Sam is BIG.
Not too big, but I am measuring somewhere between a week and two weeks earlier than my due date.
Also, more importantly, he's not head down yet.
There's enough amniotic fluid for him to still move, so I have my hopes up that I won't need a C-Section. That said, with all of the complications of last time and all of the doctor's urging this time, it's kind of nice to know that this could be the deciding factor. If he doesn't turn soon, we'll have to do a C-Section and it won't be for me to decide.
I'd really rather not decide.
I've been thanking God all day that He's preparing me for a C-Section (I'm big on planning ahead, you know). If this is his way of preparing me mentally I'm great with that, and if Sam were to turn and I got to have a natural birth I would thank him for that, too.
So, I go in on Friday for the actual consult with the doctor on what he thinks.
I think he'll want to schedule a C-Section around 38 weeks.
That's ok. But I will insist on an Ultra Sound at 37.5 weeks to see if he's turned. If he hasn't, great, if he has, I'll go natural.
That's my plan. We'll see what Dr. Zapata says about it!
Oh, and Mark wants me to have Sam on his birthday. His 30th Birthday. A day before 38 weeks. I'd be totally stoked about that. Shared birthdays are a legacy in my family, and I'd love to continue the tradition!
So, that's where we are. Thanks for your prayers and support!
Jenni, Mark, Tate and "Sam"
PS We did get some pics of Sam. Tate looked at them, threw them on the floor and then stepped on them...sibling rivalry begins.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chugging Along

So, we keep going and going.

I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant (yay!) and I am getting very uncomfortable. I'm not sleeping well (shocker, I know) and I'm feeling very emotional and very "organizey" (I believe the technical term is 'nesting'). I managed to clean the entire house last week, so this week will just be upkeep. That's a huge relief. We also managed to take a load of stuff over to my parent's house to store, to that was nice, too. We took our futon over there and several boxes of books and some bolts of fabric. The plan is to use the spare room for Mark's chest of drawers and put the pack and play in our bedroom where his drawers are now. Our room is too small for both. We had Tate in our room for the first month or so, and it made life a lot easier.

As far as my measurable resolutions go, here's how it breaks down:

Read the Bible: B+ I read every day, but some days weren't as fruitful as others. I did the Prophet challenge 4 days, but the others I read Proverbs and somewhere else. I really enjoyed spending time each day doing it, but sometimes I need to do it earlier. All in all, great for habit building, and the more I sit down and read and pray, the more I want to.

Print off Pictures: A for effort. I printed off the 150 or so pictures of our vacation last summer and started to put them into albums. I also organized my scrapping stuff so if I do get an urge to create, it's all ready to go. This particular resolution will come in spurts, as I only buy prints when there's a huge sale.

Get out of Debt: B-. I did GREAT shopping this week (seriously, my best ever at Albertson's. I got $34 worth of groceries for $2.68 or something like that.) I also used my crock pot about 4 times last week, which means that we ate what we had at home so it was cheaper, and it was healthy. I did spend money on framing some pictures, though, and it wasn't planned. My rational was that they are getting ruined in each move and in storage, and I'd rather spend money to frame them so they don't get ruined than be frustrated that we wasted money on them in the first place. Plus, the framing was 60% off, and I had a gift card for part of it...

Spanish: B+. Tate did really well with the Spanish this week. I think he's getting used to it. Mark and I didn't spend much time talking about it, but I'm sure that will come. I found that if I start the day talking in Spanish, it's a lot easier to continue!

Exercising: Well, I exercised 4 times last week, and I ate healthy most days. Friday over at a friend's house I fell off the wagon, but I always give myself one off day a week anyway so I'm not too worried. I'm feeling positive about where I'm at, but I'm ready to start losing this weight. Soon enough I guess.

Supporting Mark: This was the hardest one this week. My emotions and my not sleeping well are only excuses. I need to be more loving and respectful. It's an up and down thing. I think, though, that it was better last week than the week before. We had a few disagreements but worked them out quickly and without any tears or bloodshed.

Flossing: A+
Bed making:A+

So, there you have it. I'm starting to (hopefully) make habits.

Tate is doing well with potty training...we'll see how this week goes.

Love to you all,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two I forgot

  • Floss every night (I know, gross that I don't do it now, but I've been doing it a couple of times a week, so forgive me).
  • Make my bed daily.

I've been reading Amos, and doing the study on the link I posted's fantastic! Check it out if you're up for a challenge!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, Same Old Me

So, I'm big on New Years Resolutions, but I usually do them in March, around my birthday. That's especially convenient this year because I'll have just had the baby and will want to get that weight off! For now I'm just doing what I've been doing in that department, working out 4-5 times per week, eating healthy, etc.

However, for my other Resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to start now so that they are already a habit when Sam gets here.

Here are the easy/definable ones in a list:

  • Read in the Word every day. I want to read through Proverbs every month (31 days, 31 chapters, the work is practically done for me). If there are not 31 days in the month, I'll read the last two chapters on the 30th. I also want to read through and have a better understanding of the prophets. I did an excellent study on Revelation last year, as well as Hosea. I need a lot of help digging into Isiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and I'm going to dig into them this year. Currently I'm working on Joel. I've found this site incredibly helpful in my quest to learn and understand the prophets place in history
  • Get my digital pics printed off my memory card and into an album. I'll scrapbook them when my kids are older and don't need so much hands on attention, but I'd like to have them organized. Walgreens is running a great special on prints right now. For orders over fifty prints they are just 10 cents each! Use the coupon code FIFTY when you check out. I got over 150 printed off yesterday! For more awesome money saving advice go to She's a great resource for all things thrifty.
  • Get the last bit of our debt paid off. We should be done with this by my birthday, if not before. God is so good! We're on a really strict budget, but it's worth it to see the mountain of debt crumble with every paycheck.
  • Speak more Spanish with my son and husband. They are both open to it, but I need to be more consistent. Sometimes Tate really hates it when I use Spanish, but too bad. He needs to learn it, and there's no better way than to have me using it around him.
  • Lose the last 13-20 lbs from before I got pregnant. I'm thinking of using Jillian Michael's Making the Cut to stay inspired. I'll start blogging more about this next month as I make a fitness and meal plan.
  • Be supportive with Mark's new job. We don't know where it will be or what he'll be doing, but it's really important to me that even though the transition will be, well, a transition, he feels loved and supported at home. I don't want him to be worrying about us when he's trying to get the hang of a new job. We've continually felt that the Holy Spirit is leading us away from the Navy and it's really scary for Mark. The Navy is pretty easy as far as knowing you have a job and the stability that comes along with it is pretty fantastic. On the other hand, constantly being gone and having very little say in policy is difficult. We are looking forward to this new challenge, and I want to be prepared to be a sounding board for Mark when he needs it.

As for my other "resolution", I don't know if it's such a resolution or just a burning desire. I want to be Ruined for the Ordinary. My God isn't ordinary. He sent his only son to die a horrible death on a cross to save the world. Save me. He doesn't just work in the ordinary, he works and specializes in the Supernatural. I want to see that. I want to experience that on a deeper level. I want to grow, learn, expect, delight and mourn in the Lord. This year I have learned a lot about being weak yet strong in the Lord. It was the hardest lesson I've ever learned. This year I want to deny myself and serve Him more and more. I don't think that's really measurable on a typical scale, but I'll know if I'm on the right track. Luckily I have an awesome husband who is leading the way in this.

So, that's my heart for the new year.

What's yours?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle

So to speak.

We're home. For at least a few weeks.

We were able to get home on the 28th, got stuck again (here this time) the 29th, and on the 30th we went to Mark's parent's house for his family Christmas. We had a really great time, but it's so nice to be home again. I think we were gone for almost all of December!

Last night we were welcomed home with a bang-literally. Our power went out. It was a long, cold night and this morning was pretty cold and dark, too. The power came back on about 15 minutes ago and I decided to hop online just in case it doesn't stick around. The good news is that we've been uber productive during this outage...we're completely unpacked, laundry is almost done, mine and Mark's room is almost completely reorganized, Tate's toy box has been 'pruned', and completely reorganized. I've got a pretty through to do list this week...I'm totally nesting. I think it's broken down into manageable chunks, and if not I'll just coerce Mark into helping me.

Well, I really should be off to do some work. I hope your New Year is going well, and guess what?! Two months from today is my birthday (and therefore my due date!). Got lots to do!