Monday, January 12, 2009

Chugging Along

So, we keep going and going.

I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant (yay!) and I am getting very uncomfortable. I'm not sleeping well (shocker, I know) and I'm feeling very emotional and very "organizey" (I believe the technical term is 'nesting'). I managed to clean the entire house last week, so this week will just be upkeep. That's a huge relief. We also managed to take a load of stuff over to my parent's house to store, to that was nice, too. We took our futon over there and several boxes of books and some bolts of fabric. The plan is to use the spare room for Mark's chest of drawers and put the pack and play in our bedroom where his drawers are now. Our room is too small for both. We had Tate in our room for the first month or so, and it made life a lot easier.

As far as my measurable resolutions go, here's how it breaks down:

Read the Bible: B+ I read every day, but some days weren't as fruitful as others. I did the Prophet challenge 4 days, but the others I read Proverbs and somewhere else. I really enjoyed spending time each day doing it, but sometimes I need to do it earlier. All in all, great for habit building, and the more I sit down and read and pray, the more I want to.

Print off Pictures: A for effort. I printed off the 150 or so pictures of our vacation last summer and started to put them into albums. I also organized my scrapping stuff so if I do get an urge to create, it's all ready to go. This particular resolution will come in spurts, as I only buy prints when there's a huge sale.

Get out of Debt: B-. I did GREAT shopping this week (seriously, my best ever at Albertson's. I got $34 worth of groceries for $2.68 or something like that.) I also used my crock pot about 4 times last week, which means that we ate what we had at home so it was cheaper, and it was healthy. I did spend money on framing some pictures, though, and it wasn't planned. My rational was that they are getting ruined in each move and in storage, and I'd rather spend money to frame them so they don't get ruined than be frustrated that we wasted money on them in the first place. Plus, the framing was 60% off, and I had a gift card for part of it...

Spanish: B+. Tate did really well with the Spanish this week. I think he's getting used to it. Mark and I didn't spend much time talking about it, but I'm sure that will come. I found that if I start the day talking in Spanish, it's a lot easier to continue!

Exercising: Well, I exercised 4 times last week, and I ate healthy most days. Friday over at a friend's house I fell off the wagon, but I always give myself one off day a week anyway so I'm not too worried. I'm feeling positive about where I'm at, but I'm ready to start losing this weight. Soon enough I guess.

Supporting Mark: This was the hardest one this week. My emotions and my not sleeping well are only excuses. I need to be more loving and respectful. It's an up and down thing. I think, though, that it was better last week than the week before. We had a few disagreements but worked them out quickly and without any tears or bloodshed.

Flossing: A+
Bed making:A+

So, there you have it. I'm starting to (hopefully) make habits.

Tate is doing well with potty training...we'll see how this week goes.

Love to you all,


cadovius said...

I am so proud of you!!! Way to go!