Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess what I woke up to yesterday...

Well, let me preface by saying that we stayed at my parent's house on Saturday night.

If you've been reading this blog for any longer than about 3 weeks I'm sure you can guess.

It wasn't Jack Frost this time.

It was the real deal.

I am happy to report that we made it home in spite of said snow, and we are comfortably resting at our cold house.
Hopefully the fire will warm the place up soon. We'll see I guess.
Tate has decided to make a blankie for the new baby. He was very concerned the other day when we were reading the new baby/big brother story that all the blankets in his room were HIS blankets, and that the baby doesn't have any. (He actually does, I just don't let Tate play with them). Anyway, he said "Mama, make a blankie?" So, that's what we've decided to do. I got some helicopter fleece from my MIL's stash (Thank you, Vicki!!) and we're going to get to work on that today. Or tomorrow. We'll see how today goes. I think it's pretty cute that Tate was so concerned.
I also have a new favorite saying from Tate.
To the untrained ear it would sound like
"Cheetos n milks"
but, it really means
"Cheerios and Milk."
I'm going to try to get it recorded so you can hear how cute it is. It's truly adorable.
Ok, off to get something done. I'm not sure what, I'm sort of paralyzed by tasks today. I just need to accomplish one and I'm sure I'll feel better.
Have a wonderful day!