Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, Same Old Me

So, I'm big on New Years Resolutions, but I usually do them in March, around my birthday. That's especially convenient this year because I'll have just had the baby and will want to get that weight off! For now I'm just doing what I've been doing in that department, working out 4-5 times per week, eating healthy, etc.

However, for my other Resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to start now so that they are already a habit when Sam gets here.

Here are the easy/definable ones in a list:

  • Read in the Word every day. I want to read through Proverbs every month (31 days, 31 chapters, the work is practically done for me). If there are not 31 days in the month, I'll read the last two chapters on the 30th. I also want to read through and have a better understanding of the prophets. I did an excellent study on Revelation last year, as well as Hosea. I need a lot of help digging into Isiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and I'm going to dig into them this year. Currently I'm working on Joel. I've found this site incredibly helpful in my quest to learn and understand the prophets place in history
  • Get my digital pics printed off my memory card and into an album. I'll scrapbook them when my kids are older and don't need so much hands on attention, but I'd like to have them organized. Walgreens is running a great special on prints right now. For orders over fifty prints they are just 10 cents each! Use the coupon code FIFTY when you check out. I got over 150 printed off yesterday! For more awesome money saving advice go to She's a great resource for all things thrifty.
  • Get the last bit of our debt paid off. We should be done with this by my birthday, if not before. God is so good! We're on a really strict budget, but it's worth it to see the mountain of debt crumble with every paycheck.
  • Speak more Spanish with my son and husband. They are both open to it, but I need to be more consistent. Sometimes Tate really hates it when I use Spanish, but too bad. He needs to learn it, and there's no better way than to have me using it around him.
  • Lose the last 13-20 lbs from before I got pregnant. I'm thinking of using Jillian Michael's Making the Cut to stay inspired. I'll start blogging more about this next month as I make a fitness and meal plan.
  • Be supportive with Mark's new job. We don't know where it will be or what he'll be doing, but it's really important to me that even though the transition will be, well, a transition, he feels loved and supported at home. I don't want him to be worrying about us when he's trying to get the hang of a new job. We've continually felt that the Holy Spirit is leading us away from the Navy and it's really scary for Mark. The Navy is pretty easy as far as knowing you have a job and the stability that comes along with it is pretty fantastic. On the other hand, constantly being gone and having very little say in policy is difficult. We are looking forward to this new challenge, and I want to be prepared to be a sounding board for Mark when he needs it.

As for my other "resolution", I don't know if it's such a resolution or just a burning desire. I want to be Ruined for the Ordinary. My God isn't ordinary. He sent his only son to die a horrible death on a cross to save the world. Save me. He doesn't just work in the ordinary, he works and specializes in the Supernatural. I want to see that. I want to experience that on a deeper level. I want to grow, learn, expect, delight and mourn in the Lord. This year I have learned a lot about being weak yet strong in the Lord. It was the hardest lesson I've ever learned. This year I want to deny myself and serve Him more and more. I don't think that's really measurable on a typical scale, but I'll know if I'm on the right track. Luckily I have an awesome husband who is leading the way in this.

So, that's my heart for the new year.

What's yours?


Our Family said...

Sweetie, I love reading you blogs. They are inspiring and motivating! I know time is precious these days and Im so thankful you take the time to share your heart.