Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry Friends

I know you've been on the edge of your seats all week wondering what I've been up to...


Anyway, it's been a week! Usually I have one or two days without real commitments that I can get stuff done around the house. This hasn't been the case these past two weeks. Why? Well, let's the past two weeks we have been to the doctor's office (at least one of us) 12 times. Here's the breakdown:

Tate (and therefore me, too) Dr's office: Incessant coughing. Diagnosed as allergies. Complete joke. He's got a cold and he's almost done with it. Total time: 3.5 hours.
Family total: 1

Tate (and therefore me, too) pharmacy: for allergy medicine that isn't needed. 1.5 hours and a complete waste of time.
Family total:2

Mark: Two regular doctor's appointments, another appointment for a blood draw (I realize in most places they are pretty quick with blood draws, but we're talking about Navy medicine here, folks. Their inefficiency is practically an art form). Three stops at the pharmacy. One for Tate's medication (the rx that I had dropped off and took 1.5 hours), one to drop off a rx for me, and once to pick up a rx for me).
Total time: No idea. It's too much to calculate.
Family Total: 8

Jenni: Two routine care prenatal appointments. One ultrasound. These are actually pretty quick, but still require 40 minutes of driving each way. Also one specialist appointment for a mole check. Good news is I'm all clear on the mole. Bad news is I've got Pregnancy Induced Hypertension now, so I'm on pills for that until the baby is born.
Family Total: 12.

It probably sounds like I'm complaining.

I am.

I hate going to the doctor, and this week just about did me in. Also, this is just time there, we're not even talking about the ridiculous amounts of time it takes to call the appointment line and set up the appointments. Or the fact that they ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early and they are consistently running about 30-40 minutes behind. The good news is, though, that my regular appointments are almost all on time, and I'm thrilled about that. It's been worth the cost-simply for peace of mind-for me to switch to Tricare Standard.

So, anyway, with the myriad of appointments lately I've scarcely had the time to do laundry or dishes, let alone anything else on the computer.

I don't have to go into the doc for another week and a half (yay!) but Mark's got three appointments next week. He's doing all of his stuff to get out of the Navy, and there's a lot to take care of.

News from the doc this week: Baby is still breech. I had hoped that he would move. He hasn't. The blood pressure was a total bummer, but I've accepted it. Since my readings were always in the 'high normal' level before the appointment, and the 'normal' level after, my Dr. was never concerned. Now my readings are high, and high normal after the appointment, so he said it's time to medicate to make sure we don't have any complications. I was feeling like a complete failure about this until he told me that it was pretty much a textbook case of PIH, and I shouldn't worry about it, just take my meds. The alternative to meds is bed rest, and with a two year old the reality of bed rest isn't exactly ideal, so the meds it is.

So, there is my list of excuses. If you've made it this far I am seriously impressed.

I hope you've had a less bureaucratic week, and I look forward to resuming a semi-regular schedule next week.

Love you all,