Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tate and The Doctor

So, I went to the doctor today for an ultrasound for Sam. More on that later. First, this is how our conversation went in the car with Tate. It was too funny not to share.

Tate: Momma, we're going to the doctor.

Me: Yep, you're right Tate. We're going to the doctor.

Tate: I need to go to the doctor.

Mark: Really, Tate, why do you need to see the doctor?

Tate: Cause I need a pickle.

In other Doctor news...
Sam is BIG.
Not too big, but I am measuring somewhere between a week and two weeks earlier than my due date.
Also, more importantly, he's not head down yet.
There's enough amniotic fluid for him to still move, so I have my hopes up that I won't need a C-Section. That said, with all of the complications of last time and all of the doctor's urging this time, it's kind of nice to know that this could be the deciding factor. If he doesn't turn soon, we'll have to do a C-Section and it won't be for me to decide.
I'd really rather not decide.
I've been thanking God all day that He's preparing me for a C-Section (I'm big on planning ahead, you know). If this is his way of preparing me mentally I'm great with that, and if Sam were to turn and I got to have a natural birth I would thank him for that, too.
So, I go in on Friday for the actual consult with the doctor on what he thinks.
I think he'll want to schedule a C-Section around 38 weeks.
That's ok. But I will insist on an Ultra Sound at 37.5 weeks to see if he's turned. If he hasn't, great, if he has, I'll go natural.
That's my plan. We'll see what Dr. Zapata says about it!
Oh, and Mark wants me to have Sam on his birthday. His 30th Birthday. A day before 38 weeks. I'd be totally stoked about that. Shared birthdays are a legacy in my family, and I'd love to continue the tradition!
So, that's where we are. Thanks for your prayers and support!
Jenni, Mark, Tate and "Sam"
PS We did get some pics of Sam. Tate looked at them, threw them on the floor and then stepped on them...sibling rivalry begins.


Nate, Heather and da Boyz said...

I don't know which story I giggled at more - the doctor one or the stomping on the ultrasound pics. ahhh, my side hurts!!!

cadovius said...

Thanks. I needed that. I have done about 7 miles everyday this week so I'm hoping that'll sorta "undo" the damage I did. And yes, I think it's the 2nd week curse after such a big loss last week. oh least my heart and lungs are healthy even if I'm not the weight I wanna be.
You're a wonderful encouragement!