Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm not having a baby today.

I kind of hoped I would.

I'm ready to meet Sam.

I'm tired of being pregnant.
I am just plain old tired.

I have gained 30 pounds. (Which I'm ok with, btw. I gained over 50 last time).
I have another Non Stress Test on Tuesday the 17th.
I see my doctor the 18th.
I like him better than the lady I saw today.
A lot better.
For the first time, I'm a little anxious about Mark getting out of the Navy.
I think (hope) it's just hormones.
The renters for our Virginia house (our only house, really) signed the lease.
We have our Dave Ramsey study tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.
I am not looking forward to registering at the hospital with Tate.
My house is a disaster from the weekend, but laundry is done.
Instead of doing other productive things, lately I've been knitting a lot.
I'm in a confession minded mood.
I ran on the treadmill today to try and get labor going. It's not going.
We woke up to snow, and I'm ready for Spring.


Our Family said...

aww sweetie .. the last few weeks are tough. Spring will be here soon and so will baby "sam" and Mark will have a great job before long too! Keep that pretty chin up! Life will have a new norm before long.