Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not much

I wish I could say that there is a good reason I've been neglecting my blog.
There isn't.
I just haven't felt inspired in this particular area lately.
Or, really, in any area aside from incessant planning, cleaning and organizing.
Seriously. I'm going a little crazy.
But, because someone out there might actually care a little, here are the recent Stearns Haps:
Tate: Sleeping a lot better and completely over his cold. Also doing well with potty training. We're still having accidents in the afternoons, but mornings are going great. He made a picture today in the nursery and was so excited to show us...I could hardly believe it was our kid. He's not big into artistic stuff even though I do try and encourage him in that general direction.
Mark: Still sick but feeling a bit better. Hopefully this week will go better for him. He has a job fair on Wednesday in Seattle and he is very excited about that. He's lived on chicken soup and 7-up for the past 10 days or so, and I know he's ready to move on to some real food. We'll see how that works out for him.
Me/Sam: We're still inseparable, but that time is coming to an end. Mark and my mom even think the baby has dropped. I'm not so sure that he's head down yet, as I have a large round thing in my side. I guess it could be his bum. We'll find out on Wednesday if he's head down yet. I go in for my Group B Strep test which involves a full, ahem, exam. Color me excited.
Other than that, we're just chugging along. It was kind of a discouraging week last week. I don't know's not like things have changed. I'm still Jenni...a child of the King who has been saved by GRACE through faith, an adopted and cherished member of God's chosen people; a woman lucky to have married the best man on earth, and mother to the most fun and lovable little guy (almost guys!) in the world, but circumstances have been getting me down lately. I'm waiting for word on our Nicaragua trip, and I'm getting a little discouraged that we haven't gotten a final go ahead with that. We're still going to Central America even if the mission trip falls through, but I'd really like for those doors to open. I'm discouraged that no one is in our house. It seems to me that there are tons of people that need decent housing and our house is just sitting...can't it be used for something worthwhile? We do have a family coming to look at it on Tuesday to rent, so I'm praying about that. Their circumstances are difficult and I'm hoping and praying that they find what they need, in our house or somewhere else.
Anyway, our circumstances are the same they've been since October, but this week I have had a hard time finding peace in the middle of the uncertainty. I've been faithful with my Bible reading and I know peace will come, I just need to relax and stop planning so much. It's hard at this part of the pregnancy! So, if you think of it, please pray for peace for us, and that our discouragement from last week will be gone this week.
Ok, I need to go to bed. Tate's been up early these last couple of days.