Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some good news, some bad news, and more really really good news!

Ok, first off, Praise Jesus!
Sam is head down and engaged! I don't have to think about that anymore!
The bad news is that my BP is up even higher-even with the medication.
The Doctor said it's just going to get worse until the baby is born. All we can do is increase my dosage of meds until it's not working well and then induce.
I go in on Monday for a check, and if the increased dose isn't working, well, we may have a baby.
Not exactly how I wanted to do things, but I'm not worried.
Also, in huge news...
We Have Renters!!!
They are moving in next week. We are so excited! It's such a relief to have something happen with the house.
So, that's what's up! I'll keep you posted on everything as it happens!
Jenni and Sam


Our Family said...

What wonderful news! Congrats on getting the house rented. I know that is such a relief. I pray it is a blessing for both you and your renters! I cant wait to see the newest Sterns baby soon!

Christine said...

Oh Jenni!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Try your bestest to relax and I'm sending lots of prayers that your bp calms down. I love you guys, and I'm sooo happy for you=) Hang in there Sam! Yayayayayayay!!!!