Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being Honest

I'm getting a little anxious these days.

Mark has less than 4 weeks left at his Navy job, then we're done.

We've known no other life, so this is huge.
Luckily we have about 68 days to relax, hang out (in Central America, yay!) and figure out where to go from here.
Yes, we're headed (back) to Guatemala! I can't wait.
Mark is going to take language classes, and we're staying with the same family I stayed with while I was there. Then we're going to Nicaragua to work in an orphanage for a few weeks. We are really excited to start off this new life with service and time away from everything. Time to reevaluate and really choose what's important to us.
Mark has done well in the job market, but we don't have anything for sure yet. That's what I'm anxious about. It's scary not knowing what's coming!
I know that it's all going to come together, but it's hard to wait sometimes.
Our orders came in yesterday so we're in the midst of planning our a mere 2 weeks.
OH! And because I forgot to mention it earlier because I was giving birth, I'll share now.
We have renters!
Praise the Lord!
So, that is all for now. Please shoot up prayers for us if you remember. We're fine, really, but we do have a lot going on in the next couple of months.
Thanks, Friends.


cadovius said...

Jenni, I am sooo thrilled for you two! You need some time together as a family and I think that trip is perfect. I hope Adam and I get to do something like Maui or maybe even Europe when he gets to use his saved up time of leave! How exciting that you are starting a new chapter as a family!!! I know I'd be anxious, too. Adam doesn't have a CLUE as to what he'd like to do when our time comes so I feel you there. Not knowing is almost worse than just sticking with the Navy. :-)...notice I said "almost." Gotta get to bed. I love you my sister! Call if you ever need to chat or vent or just blabber away!

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