Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, for all you who are interested, here are the specs.

The plan was to induce me on Friday morning because of Blood Pressure issues. The Dr thought it would be better to just get the baby out and move on from there. So Friday morning my mom and I went to the hospital at 7 am, and Mark was planning on getting there around 10-after he checked in at work. Mark's Dad watched Tate, which was wonderful for all of us.

Well, when we got there the hospital lot was FULL, so I thought we might get bumped. We didn't! They got us in a room, my Dr came in to tell us the plan (Cervadyl or something like that) and then we just waited. Finally around 10 a nurse came in to get us started. The medication is like a tampon, and it's used to just soften your cervix, but not actually start labor generally. The protocol is to leave the Cervadyl in for 10 hours, then give me a 30 minute break and then start Pitocin.

We just relaxed during the morning hours, and around 2 or so I started having contractions. I was told that in a small number of cases the Cervadyl actually starts labor, so I was praying for that. The contractions started about 4 minutes apart, and stayed there for a few hours. After dinner and several more nurse changes, the contractions spread out to 8 minutes apart, but they were very strong. Tate came in for a visit, and it was great to see him and play with him for a while. Mark's mom (Vicki) also got there and was able to hang out with us. The plan was that Mark, Vicki and my mom would be there for the birth.

At 8:00 they took out my Cervadyl and I had dilated from 1 to about 3. That was encouraging. I got to shower, eat and walk around a bit before we hit the next phase. My Dad came in for a visit, and then left to get Tate and take him back. They hooked me back up to the monitor and my contractions were very regular, every 1 to three minutes, so they decided not to use the Pitocin! I was very excited and relieved about that. My prayers were most certainly answered.

At that point I chose to have an epidural. I didn't with Tate, but knew that I wanted one this time. I was really nervous about it-it's my nervous system after all, but it hurt really bad, and it was time. The doc came in, and had me sit up for it. As soon as my legs go numb, the doctor says "We have a problem." He didn't elaborate, just, "we have a problem." I was calm on the outside, but my first thought was that I would never be able to walk again. I finally pry out of him that he went through a vein so instead of an epidural I have an IV. He managed to fix it without much stress added to me, so we were back on track. I did get a little sick feeling, but that quickly passed. He told me that the ligaments in my back are as hard as bone, and by my back it seemed as though I had been a dock worker all my life. He asked if I was a jock, I said that I was back in the was nice that it's apparent somewhere in my body that I workout!

Well, after the epidural I was numb and able to relax. We finished watching Fireproof (excellent movie, by the way), and I took a nap. Vicki went back to the hotel to get some sleep, and Mom and Mark also decided to rest. I woke up a while later, (about an hour and a half or so) and was in quite a bit of pain. I asked for more drugs because I was hurting so much (it was about 2 am). At this point my mom and Mark woke up and sat with me again. The nurses decided to check me again, and I was dilated to 9.5! Cecilia's words were "Wow! I'm going to let Mia check you and then I'll give you the good news!" (This was Mia's first delivery). We called Vicki and woke her up, and then just waited. They wanted to let me 'labor down' and wait for my water to break. I waited and waited, and was nicely numb (to the point that I couldn't feel my leg at all, or move it. I was really uncomfortable with this-it's so freaky to feel my leg with my hand, but not feel my hand on my leg).

At about 3:30 Cecilia and Mia decided to have me push to break my water. I asked if they would call the doctor, and they said they would wait until he was crowning. On about the third push my water broke (3:37 am), and I was feeling a lot of pain. They checked it right away, and Cecilia said "Oh, there he is. Mia, call the doctor now-he's crowning." They wanted me to wait to push any more until the doctor got there, and I was able to just lay there for about 2 contractions, then I started sobbing because they hurt so bad. At this point they called in a bunch of nurses (there were 5 in there for Theo's birth) and let me push. At 4:07 am Theodore Stephen Tidrick Stearns entered the world! As his head came out they tried to suction him, but he came out so quick and immediately lifted his head, arched his back and screamed. They put him on my tummy as they cleaned him up and Mark and I were able to talk to him, love on him and enjoy the time together.

Dr. Zapata walked in about 5 minutes too late and said "Well, what happened here?" It was pretty funny. He was the one to stitch me up, and he was able to do that in about 20 minutes and right in the room! Praise God! I think right after Theo was born my words were "Gosh, Mark, I could do this again!" All I meant by that was that it was such a better birth experience than Tate's, much less pain and better care (in my opinion, obviously). I now retract that statement, for the record.

So, I had a third degree tear, which is much better than the fourth degree and episiotomy, from last time. Also the tear was not in the same place. All around much better. Check Spelling

And, now Theo is here. Sorry it's taken me forever to get this posted-I have shorter time increments these days.

Thanks for all your prayers these last 9 months, this experience was so great and I know that's a direct result of the Holy Spirit answering all of our prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jenni (& Theo!)


Alibear said...

Wow, Jenni! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea a doctor could "oops!" on an epidural and make it an IV. It makes sense, but definitely not one of the possible complications I would have been prepared for. I was also completely unaware of different degrees of tears.

Sounds like the family has quickly adjusted to the new normal. It'll continue to be an adjustment for awhile. Take care and hugs all around!