Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote(s) of the Day

"Momma, I have a hot tub in my hair!"
~Tate, realizing his hair was wet from the hot tub



"Jazzy, where did my poops go?"

I think the question was rhetorical, though, because Tate knows where they went.
He told me himself.

Last night.
At 9:30.
(A mere two and a half hours after his bed time)

Mark and I got home from Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey, love him!) around nine. We've been encouraging Tate to use the potty instead of his diaper lately, specifically with BMs, so he was still awake to tell us he went poo poo in the potty. As we walk into my mom's room (he was resting with her) Tate sits up and says "Momma, I pooped on the potty!"

Mark and I were so excited we ran over, gave him big hugs and gushed about how big of a boy he is, etc. It was a great mom moment.

Then Tate says, "it was on the floor."


Well, between Tate and my mom we find out that Tate was running around without a diaper (fantastic way to potty train I'm finding out) and all of the sudden my mom hears him yell, "Gramma!" and she knows what is next. She finds Tate in the entry way (yay for hardwood floors and not carpet) and there is poop on the ground. Not much, though, and Jazzy, the beloved family dog, is licking her lips. Tate tells Gramma that Jazzy ate it.

According to Tate, "Gramma says, 'NO JAZZY! YOU NO EAT TATE'S POOPS! YOU A NAUGHTY DOG!'" while wagging her finger at the dog. (Tate also wags his finger while he's telling you what Gramma said).

Tate then went in and finished his business on the potty.

Just like the big boy he is.

But, when he got up this morning, he did go and ask Jazzy where his poops were.

I decided not to tell him that his poops were probably mixed with her poops in the backyard somewhere.

Some things are best left unsaid, don't you think?

P.S. My mom thinks this story is in very poor taste, and can't believe she raised a daughter that would consider posting this online. Maybe, if you can, don't bring it up with her? I'd like to spare her and myself the "I can't believe you did that!" speech. I'm sure you know the one I'm referring to...:)

In other news we leave for Guatemala on Thursday. We can't wait.

Theo's passport was picked up today. We are officially ready to go. Except for the whole packing thing.

And we are moving to Hillsboro, Oregon when we get home. Mark starts his new job on the 29th of May. We get home the 27th. It will be a very busy few days. I'm not heading down right away because I'll have laundry, packing, etc. to take care of. Plus, Stephen will be home around that time and will want to meet Theo (who is named Theo Stephen).

So, if I don't post much for the next month, it's because I'm in Central America and have sketchy Internet access. Please pray for our health, safety and for our hearts to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit (always) but specifically while we're away.

If you're interested, the website for our contacts in Nicaragua is!

Love always,
Jenni and the gang


Alibear said...

That's a great story! Definitetly one to be told to a future girlfriend too! Congrats on the new job. Have a blast in Central America. Can't wait to see the pix and hear about the adventures the whole family has. Safe (and fun) travels!