Sunday, May 31, 2009

Like his Daddy...




(and we really miss those guys on our side bar--->)
Hopefully I'll be buying return tickets this week!
Tate cried last night and told me he misses his Hermanos. We were saying goodnight prayers and he reminded me several times to pray for them. So we did, each by name. I can't wait to tell Tate that we're going back soon. He'll flip!
Ok, it's past my bedtime. I've got to get up early. I'm going to the Y to do a Zumba class tomorrow morning!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Nica Moments

Tate with his buddy Asner. Notice the green marker on Tate's arms, and Asner's face. Tate's artistic side is coming out.

Mark and Tate got their hair did.

Ana, Maria Teresa, Mark, Tate, Me, Theo and Maricela.

Tia Marisol

The boys of the Posada, our extended family, and Tate's "Hermanos"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do you say?

About a trip that changes everything?

That makes you cry, laugh, and love more than you ever thought possible?

That strengthens your family bond?

That makes you so, so very happy for your spouse?

That makes you thank God for your parents and childhood?

That directs your vision?

That gives purpose to your days?

That breaks your heart, but gives purpose for your heart beats?

That gives you confidence in God, and renews your love for him?

I don't know.

I don't even know where to start.

So, I guess I will start with,

Thank you, Jesus. For giving us purpose, vision and hope. We will faithfully serve you as you open the doors.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With amazing stories of God's provision and grace.

But they will have to wait until tomorrow. I haven't had a more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep since Sunday night, and I'm exhausted.

Love you all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Theo chillin' at the Flores bus station. Our bus left at 10:00 pm and we arrived back in Antigua at 7:00 am. Long night.
Tate wearing the swine flu mask as ordered by the Honduran Government. We all had to wear one while we went through customs. As you can see, it did a lot of good. Tate's eating a cookie, and that pretty much obliterates the goal of sterilization.
Mark and I wearing required masks. I know, we're hot.

Me and the boy in Antigua.

The family at the Santa Clara Monastery ruins in Antigua.

We're now in Managua, Nicaragua for the second part of our trip. We're leaving this afternoon for Casa Bernabe and we're so excited! We'll be working with the older boys. Mark is especially stoked about this, as he has a passion to equip boys to be men of God. We'll be here until next Monday, then we head back to Guatemala, get there late Monday night, try and recuperate on Tuesday, and fly home early Wednesday morning. Mark goes to check out of the Navy for good on Thursday morning, and reports in to his new job (five hours away)Friday morning. Whew. It's going to be a busy rest of the month for us, but we're very excited! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
Love you all,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quote of the Day/ Tidbit

"Mom! There's a man!"

"Yes, Tate, you're right. There is a man."
"But Mom, he's not Spiderman."
~Tate, on the bus to Nicaragua, pointing out the man sitting behind us (who did think it was funny and was not offended at all. In fact, he said, "no, I'm not Spiderman, I'm Superman!)

  • We are in Nicaragua after a 20 hour day of travelling. The day consisted of "Hurry up and Wait." We're happy to be here.

  • It's Mother's Day. I've got great moms in my life, and I'm thankful for all of them.

  • Theo had a rough day yesterday. I must have eaten something with dairy because he was crying for about 5 hours straight. On the bus. We were everyone's favorite people. After 5 hours he finally fell asleep.

  • I am thrilled that today, Mother's Day, is the day we are going to the Orphanage. I find it very fitting. We didn't plan it that way, it just worked out like this.

  • I've got some great pictures I can't wait to share with all of you.

  • I am exhausted, and since Theo is done eating I am going to go back to sleep for an hour or so.

Love you all,
PS Please pardon any spelling atrocities, my spell checker isn't working this morning.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Earthquakes, etc.

So, today we had our first Guatemalan earthquake.
And Theo's first earthquake ever.
Yay for us.
I was feeling pretty discouraged about the whole thing, and now I just think that maybe we're being attacked because God is going to do some amazing things in Nicaragua.
So, now we just pray for health, safety and God's guidance as we mentally and spiritually prepare for what's ahead.
Oh yeah, and we enjoy the time we've been able to spend here as a family, learning Spanish and enjoying time together after a long stint in the Navy.
Thanks for all your prayers, I'll update more as I have time and an Internet connection. I'm going to wait on pics until we're home though.
Love you all, and we're so grateful for your support!