Monday, May 11, 2009

Theo chillin' at the Flores bus station. Our bus left at 10:00 pm and we arrived back in Antigua at 7:00 am. Long night.
Tate wearing the swine flu mask as ordered by the Honduran Government. We all had to wear one while we went through customs. As you can see, it did a lot of good. Tate's eating a cookie, and that pretty much obliterates the goal of sterilization.
Mark and I wearing required masks. I know, we're hot.

Me and the boy in Antigua.

The family at the Santa Clara Monastery ruins in Antigua.

We're now in Managua, Nicaragua for the second part of our trip. We're leaving this afternoon for Casa Bernabe and we're so excited! We'll be working with the older boys. Mark is especially stoked about this, as he has a passion to equip boys to be men of God. We'll be here until next Monday, then we head back to Guatemala, get there late Monday night, try and recuperate on Tuesday, and fly home early Wednesday morning. Mark goes to check out of the Navy for good on Thursday morning, and reports in to his new job (five hours away)Friday morning. Whew. It's going to be a busy rest of the month for us, but we're very excited! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
Love you all,